Why Should one pursue Mass Communication?


Mass communication is a common term used for any form of communication used to communicate with the masses and individuals through any channel of passing information. The choice of selecting any particular medium for broadcasting an information is very important. Any medium chosen should have the ability to reach out to the mass of people and people should be able to receive the information.from them. The news which is brought into the public interest should be always new and should hold importance to the people in large numbers.

The various types of mediums available in Mass communication and journalism today are print, television and radio. These have been pre existent since long time. The internet, however has taken over them all and is working as all three at the same time. This medium is young but thoroughly effective and is soon expected to overshadow all other ways of mass communication. 

The entire process of Mass communication involves work like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting and cable news creation. There are huge responsibilities attached to a course in mass communication and journalism in India such as publishing, public relations and research.

A professional in journalism must pursue a professional course of bachelor degree or a postgraduate degree. The best colleges for journalism and Mass communication in India also offer integrated course for these. The career of a graduate in mass communication has various options to fit into like newspapers, periodicals, press information bureau, press trust of India, TV channels and websites.

Mass communication is one of the most professional and practical courses in India. These are industry oriented courses and are especially designed for the youngsters to be trained early into getting into any of the channel of media. The knowledge given to students and the professional skills used in the training is according to the stream you would like to choose as a professional. The real life experience for the program comes from the intensive training and internship programs offered in the colleges.

The courses in mass communication are chosen by the students through various perspectives. Many are attracted to the glamour and glory associated with it, which has given celebrity status to many. The other reason is students like the perks associated with it like travel and meeting various people on a daily basis. The most important perspective is trying to do the right thing through ethical methods. People deserve to receive the truth and a good journalist is one who can do so.


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