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The Ocean of movies is one of the topmost illegal movie websites. The website is considered the most visited website that permits its users to download a number of movies. The free movie download website allows it’s users to download a huge collection of newly released movies for free. The illegal online Ocean of Movies download portal is credible for streaming the newly released English, Hindi, and Tamil HD movies. The website also provides the Malayalam HD movies d Telugu HD movies with subtitles. One can find any latest English movies, retro English movies, and various other kinds of movies in the collection of Ocean of Movies.


All About Ocean of Movies Website


Ocean of Movies renders it’s users with latest web series and movies on it’s online portal through pirating. Ocean of Movies is a free website which allows it’s users from around the world to access and watch movie for free.  Ocean of Movies is however famous for releasing movies even before the release dates. The free website is made fir fulfilling people’s desires from around the world. The movie website has a massive fan following as it uploads movies for it’s users in various genres, features, and languages.


Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, the Ocean of Movies have it all. Ocean of Movies dual audio is available for Tamil and Telagu movies as these movies hold huge demand on the website. The south India audiences for Tollywood movies are massive on the online portal of Ocean of Movies. The famous Ocean of Movies is often regarded as the most visited website and is very famous among the movie addicts. However, the users of Ocean of Movies are somehow breaking the laws as the use of such pirates websites is banned in India and in various other countries.

Features of the Illegal Website Ocean of Movies


The Ocean of Movies is often contemplated as the best online portal for downloading movies online. It has also been termed as the best working online movie downloading portal. One can easily access several categories and genres of movies through this online portal. Some of the key most features of Ocean of movies website are mentioned below:


It does not require much efforts to download movies from Ocean of Movies online portal. As all the latest movies are easily available on the portal.


As compared to other online movie website, the Ocean of Movies has very fewer popup ads and is way more easier to access.


Movies on the website are available even in 300 MB, so the people with show or limited data can also stream it.


Ocean of Movies a better option then other websites


Various points can be illustrated to prove that the Ocean of Movies is far more better than other pirated movie websites. The Ocean website has numerous features on their online portal which makes it different from various other websites. As most of the other movie websites are not user friendly and are therefore difficult to access. Below mentioned points will make you understand why Ocean of Movies is better than other websites.


Users can easily download movies in various qualities on Ocean of Movies. If a user do not have enough data and want to stream a latest movie, he can download the movie of 300 MB size of the films available on the website.


Furthermore, Ocean of Movies provides HD quality films and also has recommendation for latest movie. Also, it shows how many people have liked it.


Many different qualities like MKV movies for PC and HD quality movies can also be easily streamed through this website.


Ocean of Movies also provides samples for movie prints and qualities so that users can decide on what print they want. This unique feature is new and is available on Ocean of Movies website.


How does Illegal Ocean of Movies work?


Famous ocean of Movies is a torrent based website, which uploads and provides the link of the latest movies as illegal content. A lot of people from anonymous sources administer website service. Users may select from various movie groups and import their desired movies with ease. To access and stream the movies on the illegal Ocean of Movies Website, the users will have to first access the web and search for the website by entering the particular domain name. And after this, the users are good to go to download the latest movie of their choice. When the user clicks on the website ads and any other kink, Google Adsense furnishes the owner with the opportunity to earn money from their uploaded online content.

What are the Legal movies leaked by Ocean of Movies?


The Ocean of Movies on a regular basis leaks the latest movies nad web series on its website. The illegal Ocen of Movies website has several genres and releases the latest movies illegally in several languages. Readers can find the list of latest illegally released movies below.


What all Latest Movies are leaked by Ocean of Movies website?


Ocean of Movies has lately leaked various newly released movies on the very first day of its box office release. The movie website has released several blockbusters including Bharat, Kabur Singh, Robot 2, Bahubali, and many more. There is hardly any time when the Ocean of Movies does not leak any movie over the year. Mentioning and covering all the movies leaked by the Ocean of Movies is next to impossible. Let’s talk about some of the most popular blockbuster movies leaked by the illegal website Ocean of Movies.



Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020)

Aswathama (2020)

The angry bird’s movie 2 (2019)

The Lion King (2019)

Sarileru Neekevaru (2020)

Mr. Kk (2019)

Gang Leader (2019)

Ismart Shankar (2019)

RDX love (2019)

Men In Black: International (2019)

Bright Burn (2019)

Bheeshma (2020)

Ee Maya Peremito (2018)

Rama Chakkani Seetha (2019)

Jaanu (2020)

Kousalya Krishnamurthy (2019)

Evvarikee Cheppoddu (2019 )


World Famous Lover (2020)


What are the Genres of Movies released by Ocen of Movies?


Ocean of Movies has categorized the movies of various genres in various sections of the website. This is not due to exclusive and limited movies are available on the website. The website has sorted the different genres of movies in different sections to make the movies accessible to a variety of visitors. The binge-watchers will easily find the movie of their choice on the website. Visitors will be able to locate their preferable movies at a faster pace with ease. The users can find the movie of their choice as per the genres. The following is the list of various categories nad genres of movies available on Ocean of Movies.















TV series

Web series


Various Qualities & Sizes of Movies Available on Ocean of Movies


Ocean of Movies has tremendous options for movies like Tamil and Tamil dubbed films. The streamers can easily find most of the Hollywood, and Bollywood movies to watch for free the online entertainment platform provides a large variety of options of movies with varied video sizes and qualities. The famous illegal website allows it’s users to watch or to download the movies for free with a click. The website also provides the users to watch movies in HD print. The majority of the users either watch or download the latest movies in HD print. The movie website has a base for all its users, the Ocean of movies website provides movies in various qualities for all its users. Various movies can be streamed online or can be downloaded in various qualities on the illegal movie website Ocean of Movies.

Full Movie HD

HD movie download

Full movie download 480p HD

Full movie download 720p

Consequences Associated with Downloading Movies from Ocean of Movies Website


Though it is illegal to download movies from the Ocean of Movies website, pirated movies are is one of the biggest issues movie crews face in the world of digital media. The movie on Ocean of movies can only be downloaded through VON or with the help of some representative website.


Ocean of Movies & it’s Alternatives


Ocean of Movie is definitely a unique website and has a lot of unique features on it’s portal which makes it different. Although just like other websites, Ocean of Movies also have alternatives and competitors. Here are the other preferable options to ease your work.

The below mentioned illegal movie website will serve as an alternative of Ocean of Movies for you.


Jio Rockers






People who like illegal website Ocean of Movies but want to have more alternatives to get benefit of more legal or authentic websites, the list of illegal websites is given below. However, these websites charges from it’s users and provides paud subscription.



MX Player


Amazon Prime


Is Ocean of Movies Website Legal?


No, unfortunately the famous Ocean of Movies is completely an illegal website. As the website provides pirated and leaked movies on the portal, it considered illegal and unlawful. Many countries have made their own rules against piracy, so in many countries like India accessing such sites is considered a crime. If a person gets caught while using such websites, he/she could be subjected to face legitimate actions. So it is advisable to use legal websites instead of streaming movies on pirated sites. These pirated sites ultimately steal the movies and do not comprise of any copyrights. These websites provide latest pirated movies hence it is not considered safe to download movies from these websites.


Ocean of Movies – Safe or Not?


Ocean of Movies and various websites which provides pirates movies are not considered safe to use. The government of India has banned such website and is strictly against all such websites which provides pirated content. The Ocean of Movies is strictly banned in India and if a user gets caught using such website, the user will be subjected to face some legal consequences. With the rising popularity of all such platforms, people are also getting arrested and facing legal consequences at a high rate.


It’s not just piracy which is the only risk associated with it but also such websites contains viruses and malware, which can immensely affect your computers or mobile devices and also your device can be hacked. Hacking has become common now a days and people tend to steal personal information and data through these websites.


Therefore it should be kept in mind that these websites are a threat to our devices and software. As these sites are associated with a large amount of risk and substantial danger. Hence users must use only safe and authentic platforms for streaming movies.


How to Download Movies on Ocean of Movies Website?



The answer to the major and the primary question of how to download movies from Ocena of Movies website will be answered here.


So here’s all you need to know to download your favorite movies with ease.


As the Ocean of Movies contains so many advertisements in the process, you might land up on some other website pages sometimes.


To access the Ocean of Movies properly, all the ads you will come across will lead you to some other page so do not click on the ads.


Step by Step process to download movies on Ocean of Movies

First, open the Ocean of Movies website on the web.

Now go to your desired category to download or stream the movie.

Then click on the movie poster, the movie you wish to download from Ocean of Movies.

Reach the bottom of the movie post, you will there find a link to download the movie.

And now press the click to action button which says download.


As and when you will click on the download button, a page with a message showing thanks for downloading will appear. Now you will be required to wait for a few minutes.


After a while, an option for downloading the movie will appear on the screen.


This is how you can download any movie from the Ocean of Movies. However, the website has been banned in India as per the orders of the government.


So as and when the government banned these websites, all such websites created their websites again with a completely new domain name and uploads all the latest movies there.


New Website of Ocean of Movies


If you are also a binge-watcher who likes to watch every latest movie, then you must know that oceanofmovies.com as it is a famous website.


The oceanofmovies.com furnishes you with all the latest movies in various languages including Malayalam, English, Telugu, Hindi, etc.


However, oceanofmovies.com is banned in India and cannot be accessed on the Indian server. To access this website users have to exercise to VPN.


One can open the Ocean of Movies website on their mobile or any other computer device using a VPN. Further can download any latest movie with ease.


If you wish to access this website kn your mobile phone, then you are required to install a VPN from Google play store.


In the VPN app connection, users are required to connect to the United Nation server to open the Ocean of Movies website.


Once your VPN server is ready, you can easily surf the Ocean of Movies website. Users can also access all the Ocean of Movies servers listed below.













Movies downloaded from the Ocean of Movies website are associated with huge amount of risk. The device can stop running of quit accepting your instructions. It is recommended to use a VPN to keep yourself safe from insulting in legal actions. A random person cannot upload a movie on the Ocean of Movies website. Only the owner has the right and access to upload movies on the website.


We don’t support or encourage the use of torrent websites. The above article was written for educational/informative purposes. We do not aim to promote the use of any of the pirated sites among our readers such as Ocean Of Movies . We advise our readers to stay away from these kinds of websites for watching or downloading movies. We highly respect and abide by the law. We desire to tell our readers that sites like Ocean Of Movies are illegal torrent websites. Thus, we genuinely urge you to use legal options such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc


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