NSUI Stands Against Delhi University’s Decision of Online Examination 

An official letter has been declared by the Delhi University which claims that University is actively considering the option of the conduct of Open Book: Take Home examination for the final year students.
The University is planning to have an online examination before 3rd June 2020 for all the courses of the final year.

The National Students Union of India (NSUI) has again highlighted the issues of many students. They raise the problem of the students who belong to the back word and cannot afford the technology. It would definitely be a huge loss to the students belonging to OBC, SC, ST category who cannot appear for the online examinations. Even after several warnings, UGC didn’t take their concern seriously.

However, for the sake of the student’s rights, the largest student democracy body of India again stands against the decision of the University of having an online examination. As online examinations would be an injustice for them.

Several complaints from the students are filed, as they did not understand the concepts that were told in the online classes. Due to the scarcity of proper sources student have face difficulty in understanding various concepts and topics in the syllabus. Apart from this, there are nearly 41.2% of the students who are not able to attend online classes at all due to a lack of resources like mobile phones or laptops. Students from Jammu and Kashmir complain of improper internet installation because there is still 2G network in that area. This 2G network didn’t even allow the students to attend online classes and how can they have an online examination. The same problem of the poor network is also faced by the Northern eastern students.

Apart from these, there are many colleges in Delhi University where online classes were not held like Ramjas college. In some colleges of DU like Maitreyi, only online classes for a few courses were held till now. Therefore, conducting online examinations should be totally unfair to those students who would have to appear in online exams without even completion of the complete course.

NSUI urges Delhi University to rethink its decision of taking the online examination. They further mentioned that if these exams are held then the University should consider the syllabus which was covered in the in-person classes and not the virtual classes. The topic cover in the virtual classes should not be considered in the covered syllabus and these topics could not be a part of the online examination.



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