Coronavirus outbreak makes our lives miserable. We can not do whatever we want and have to isolate ourselves from others. After the lockdown announced by our Prime Minister, all the universities and schools are closed as per the order. The academic year has been badly hit due to the spread of COVID-19. Although online classes have been held by the university yet students are too much worried about their semester exams.
The students from all the Universities are very eager to know about the mode of the semester exam this year. There is news these days that it is possible to have online examination this year and all the Universities are also thinking about this online mode of examination according to the current situation.
However, after DUTA ( Delhi University Teacher Union ) it’s NSUI ( National Students Union Of India ) who is against the online examination this semester. Online examination will never be a fair examination as many of the students doesn’t even have internet access. The students are in areas where there are poor networks. Although the university provides online classes yet they are not sufficient as students do not even have proper study material like notes, books, etc with them. It is totally inadvisable to conduct the exams without fulfillment of course work in a physical class.
In a conversation Lokesh Chugh, National in charge of Media said that they know many colleges still have not started taking online classes on Zoom or any other online education app. Colleges are left with the course work yet and also many students do not even have proper access to internet connectivity and smartphones/laptops. According to then without such infrastructure incomplete course, online exams won’t be feasible for students.
The National Student Union of India (NSUI) wrote a letter showing their displeasure towards conducting online examination this year. They write their demands in the letter in the hope that the Universities may take it seriously. According to NSUI, there is no use to take online exams without proper completion of course work.
Nation Students Union of India came up with a new proposal with the following demands:
• Their first demand is that all 1st & 2nd years should be promoted without exams and extra classes should be conducted in the next semester by the University.
• Their second demand is that the Students in the final year should be promoted on the basis of past performance with 10% extra marks.
National Student Union of India (NSUI) demands the above things for the welfare of the students of all universities. They demand 10% extra marks for the final year student because it is generally observed that the students usually improved their marks in the final year. According to NSUI in this pandemic due to the outbreak of coronavirus, every sector has to suffer a lot including students. The university should promote the students this year.

~Neha Dhingra


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