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The most popular news of Delhi University which is alleging that the varsity is considering a proposal to cancel semester examination for first and second-year students are untrue. Actually, no such proposal has been sent to the Vice-Chancellor to promote first and second-year students without examination.

Some have indicated that due to coronavirus outbreak the exams are difficult to manage, so examination of the first and second-year students should be canceled and the first and second-year students should be passed on the basis of promotions or on the basis of prior evaluation. After this, it will not be a big challenge to the examination of third-year students. But these reports do not have any entity.

The head of a university faculty of Examinations Professor Vinay Gupta said  “ that the central varsity will conduct examinations he also added that the cycle and timing would depend on directions provided by the Human Resource Development Ministry”

We know that all students are not able to access online classes as teachers are providing online notes, pdf, video lecture and they are Facing a  lot of difficulties in such case it is a big challenge for the university but they are trying for all possibilities and seeing if any other mode is possible. They are trying there level best to find a solution to this difficult situation.

Some other DU official also confirmed that this news is fake. “We are lasting for the nodal ministry to materialize with guidelines. It can’t be that the UGC decides something and then we decide and then there’s an assault,” he said, relegating to the constitution of a seven-member committee by the UGC which is predicted to come up with a contingency plan for universities.

Although it is confirmed that the exams are postponed and hence the new academic calendar for examination, admission, and vacations is a new task for the committee. The new date sheet of exams will soon be out on the official website of Delhi University for all first, second and third-year students.

Senior officials of the central varsity have asked the Vice-Chancellor to consider cancellation of examinations for the first and second year, Report of live Hindustan had said earlier. However, the report added that idea is a mere proposal and has not been approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

~Gunjan Dhingra

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