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Election season is just a few days away at Delhi University.”Poll fever is gripping the entire campus. For past many years these student unions have been releasing impressive manifestos. But has there been any progress? Has the university witnessed any change?” asks a third year student of Hindu College.Over the years, no major changes have been seen in manifestos for the DU Students’ Union election. If one goes through the manifestos of different parties, one realizes how similar they are in the amenities, provisions and campaigning techniques.

They remain focused on providing a safe environment for women, affordable hostel facilities, proper implementation of the Choice Based Credit System, formation of a North Eastern Cell, encouragement of anti-ragging and anti-discriminatory practices, and so on.

The same issues have been raised in the manifestos of National Students’ Union of India and All India Students’ Association.They talk of providing bank accounts for all the students, safety from sexual harassment and discrimination, progression and preservation of North Eastern students and their culture and rights, etc. Yet, it is alarming to note that many of these issues of grave concern still remain unaddressed.”Political ideology and inclination is what separates them because the demands and needs of the students are basic and every party knows the importance to assure the basic minimum requirements in their own ways. The problem arises when after capturing the seats, the funds are misused or muscle power becomes the means to address issues, staff and students alike,” said a professor, not wishing to be named.


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