Nitanshi Goel Net Worth: inspirational journey of an child actress, know 10 interesting facts about her 

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth: The Inspirational Journey of a Child Actress, know 10 Interesting Facts About her

Nitanshi Goel, a famous child actress, proved herself as an amazing actress. She has an amazing journey that inspires even other actors, she has till now contributed to many TV serials and television shows. Nitanshi Goel’s Net worth became famous after taking a lead role in “Lapata Ladies”, which was a hit movie. Know about Nitanshi Goel Net Worth, Nitanshi Goel education, Nitanshi Goel Age, Nitanshi Goel Height, and many more interesting facts about her in this article.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth

Nitanshi Goel Education

Nitanshi Goel is currently in class 12, during her 10 class she was recording for her debut movie as a lead, she managed to perform both tasks at the same time and even got a good percentage in her 10th boards. She used to read movies and act in the middle of the shoot and for the exams.

Primary Education

Nitanshi Goel has done her primary studies that is till 1O class from Mother’s Pride School of Noida. She is brilliant in her studies and was famous from her initial school days for her acting skills. She was fond of acting from the staring and used to participate in every function.

Secondary Education

Nitanshi Goel did her 11 and 12 from the Khaitan School, Noida, and Riyan International School, Noida. She changed her school after the 10 class and shifted to an international school.

Higher Qualifications

She is pursuing her higher qualification now, as she is 17 years old, and still pursuing her degree. She had success at an early age, and people do not believe that she is 17 years old.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Nitanshi Goel Family Background: Mother, Father, Siblings

Nitanshi Goel has very supportive parents, to fulfill her dreams they left her father left his business in Noida, her mother was in a government job she also left that so that she could give her proper attention to Nitanshi and can place to place her for the shoots and auditions. They are the main characters of Njtanshi Goel  Net Worth Journey.


Nitanshi Goel Father, Nitin Goel, is a supportive father who left his well-settled business in Noida just to support her daughter in her acting career. He is currently working in Axis Bank.


Rashi Goel, mother of Nitanshi Goel is an amazing mother, she left her government job just to support her daughter in every step. She left her job so that she could join her daughter everywhere to let her feel safe and comfortable. Her mother even goes to every show with her, she never lets her feel alone.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Nitanshi Goel Age : Most Unbelievable Fact 

Nitanshi Goel is 17 years old, and during the shooting of Laapata Ladies, she was 16 years old. She was born on 12 June 2007, in Noida. She started acting when she was 7 years old.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth Journey from a Television Show to Bollywood Movies

Nitanshi was involved in her acting career from an early age, she worked in the Vicky donor movie and even worked in the Ms dhoni movie. In between that, she has been featured in many television shows, web series, and television series. Her journey got a boost after the release of Laapataa Ladies, Laapataa ladies is a web series that gave her fame and recognition among the people.

Nitanshi Goel’s Life After Hit Web Series

Nitanshi after the release of the web series Laapataa Ladies, people started recognizing and loving her. After the release of the series people started following her social media account with an overall increased Nitanshi Goel Net Worth.

Recognition by Audience

In her interview with Ranveer, she mentioned that, one day she went shopping with her mother, she was in a rush so she covered her face so that no one could recognize her, only her eyes were visible but then also people were able to guess her right. She even asked how could know, they replied that they could even her with her voice and her eyes. She was overwhelmed by their love and affection.

Nitanshi gets so much love from the audience which she is enjoying, she added in her interview that she and her mother had done so much hard work to achieve the height, so after getting it she is enjoying the journey. She always wanted people to love her and praise her which she is getting after the famous web series Laapataa Ladies.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Recognition by Big Faces of Bollywood

After the release of the web series, many big actors/actresses praised the script and the acting skills of the new actors including Nitanshi Goel. Some personally congratulated them, some mentioned in their story which was an inspiring part for them.

Actresses include Alia Bhatt, Jahnavi Kapoor, Rekha, Kareena Kapoor, and many more. Rekha personally texted her and praised her, and Jahnavi posted a story for them.

Supportive Friends and Teacher

As she was busy in the shoots, she was unable to take her 11 final exams, which she took later, her friends and teachers supported her. While she was giving the paper, her teachers randomly used to come and praise her for her acting skills. The teachers also used to demand for the selfies and videos.

Increase of Self Believe and Confidence

After the release of the web series, the love the people and celebs showcased was unbelievable, this boosted her confidence. She said that after this product she gained more belief that I could touch the heights, can achieve everything.
Before the release of the series, she was not expecting this much love and affection from people, but the craze series created is remarkable.

Nitanshi Goel’s Interview with Ranveer

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth, came on the show to give an interview after the featuring of Laapataa ladies, Nitanshi Goel is the first youngest guest to get interviewed in the show called ” The Ranveer Show “. Let us know in detail about the conversation of the viral interview.

Nitanshi Goel said that she distributed posters of the web series Laapataa Ladies so that the series could reach to larger audience. She distributed the poster, explained the context, and convinced people to go to theaters and watch the series.

She added that she was not aware of these many successes, she said that people even came with the details of small – small scenes of the series, which took her shock. Her part of getting her first salary was liked by all the ladies present out there as they could connect to it.

Nitanshi Goel Future  Plans

Nitanshi Goel wants to build her career in the acting line only, she has a dream of working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, dharma production, etc. She wants her movie career to be on the top. She wants her presence in the audience minds as the late Shree Devi. Late Shree Devi is now known for their acting skills and movies, she wants to be like her. She even wants her net worth to be stable enough that she can handle her and her family’s expenses.

In the next 5-6 years she wants to become Lady Sharuk Khan, she has a dream of becoming like Sharuk Khan, the way he speaks the way he treats others. She wants to take place in the audience’s hearts as they have for Sharuk Khan. She is fascinated by the humbleness and kind nature of Sharuk Khan towards women and other co-actors.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Nitanshi Goel’s Television Shows

Nitanshi Goel has worked in several different television shows and, has performed the child role of lead actresses. Her acting skills showcased her interest in the acting career. Let’s take a look at the television shows performed by her till now.


Nitanshi Goel played the young role of Annika, Annika was the lead role in that show, and she played the role in the famous serial Ishqbazz.

Naagarjuna – ek yoddha

In the famous serial Nagarjuna – ek yoddha she played the role of Chutki and was praised for that role by the viewers.

Thapki pyaar ki

Thapki pyaar ki was one of the most loved serials, she played the role of Bani.

Karmaphal Daata Shani

Bhadra was the role played by Nitanshi Goel in the Karmaphal Daata Shani show which telecasted in the television.

Peshwa bajirao

In the famous Bajirao television show, she was featured as the young kashibai. This role was liked and praised by the viewers a lot.

Indu Sarkar

In the television show Indu Sarkar, she played the role of young Indu, in this television show we played the role of young lead actress role.

Posham pa

In the famous television show Posham pa, she performed the role of kid that is Regha Sathe’s kid.

Love Sleep Repeat

Young Shailja was the role performed by Nitanshi Goel Net Worth in the show named Love Sleep Repeat.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Television and Web Series

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth includes her role in many television shows and series, and she has also performed in many television and web series. Let us take a look at the roles played by her in the television and web series.


In the series Daayan, she performed the role of Rimpi, which was telecasted on television. This series gathered the attention of big directors and producers.

Inside edge

Nitanshi has worked in many web series also, her first web series was Inside Edge, in which she played the role of young Rohini. This was the first web series performed by her.

Laapataa ladies

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth increased after the picture of Laapataa Ladies, this was the web series that made her famous and recognizable to youth and youngsters. In this web series, she started in the lead role and was loved by everyone.


Her new web series is Maidan, in which she played the Seerat. People praised her role in the series.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Nitanshi Goel’s Bollywood Debut

Vicky Donor

Nitanshi performed in Bollywood movies back in thanthen2012, she made her debut in Bollywood with the movie Vicky Donor.

M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story

The second Bollywood movie done by her was M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story which was a big hit.

Nitanshi Goel Advertisement

Nitanshi Goel has even worked in many advertisements with many big stars of Bollywood, she worked with Amitabh Bachman and many more big stars. Let us have a look at the list of advertisements performed by her

School Bus – Sapno Ki Ride

When she was 7 years old, she had done this advertisement that was for the school bus. In this advertisement, she was stared with other child actors.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
Source: Instagram

A New Commercial for Maggie

This was her most liked advertisement as in this she was filmed with great Amitabh Bachchan in the advertisement of Maggie, she even got special line where she was alone filmed with Amitabh sir.

Amul Milk advertisement

Nitanshi Goel also performed in the advertisement for Amul milk, she starred as the child who loves to drink Amul milk.

She has even worked in many more advertisements which overall contributed to the Nitanshi Goel Net Worth.

Nitanshi Goel’s Album Song

Nistanshi Goel has even worked on many songs in the lead role. Her album songs were also liked by the audience and fans, the album songs moreover made Nitanshi Goel Net Worth higher. Let us have a look at the songs done by her

Tere Jaisa

This album was released 1 year ago that is in 2022, this song was featured in seven different languages. This one song contained 7 languages in them.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
Source: Instagram


This is her most liked and famous song of her, everyone mentions her story with this song only. Her Sajni re-album created a change in her life, people got to recognize her with this song. Her sajni re song got 4.5 crore views, this was telecasted 4 months ago.

Mere Sapne

In the mere sapne album song, she was the only main lead and gave a wonderful performance. Her acting and beauty were loved by the people in this particular album. She got 2.4 lakh views in this song.

Hum Mile The Jahan

Hum mile the Jahan is a Hindi romantic song in which she performed as the lead female actress. This particular song got 4 million views on YouTube and much love on the internet.

Dheeme Dheeme

This song is again from her mind-blowing web series that is laapata Ladies, this song was played when she was away from his husband and was dreaming of meeting him soon. This song got 27 lakh views.


In Nakhra’s album song she was in the lead role with another 3 crew members, there song got 19 lakh views on YouTube. All this is added up in the Nitanshi Net Worth Journey.

Nitanshi Goel Debuts as a Lead Role in Zapata Ladies

Nitanshi during her casting period in the specified series was praised by Amir Khan, he asked her, from where did you learn acting? The answer to that question she answered in an interview, she said that she used to give 5-6 auditions per day of different characters and even that according to different directors. This is the main reason which made her acting part stronger.

When she was cast as the lead role in the series Laapata Ladies, Kiran Rao, the director of the series was sure about her acting skills but was concerned about her age. She was concerned about the audience’s feelings and whether it would feel like she was married as she was 16 years that time.

When she was shooting for the laapata ladies she was in her primary school, During the break of her shoots she used to study for her exams and scored good marks in her academics also.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Nitanshi Goel Achievements

Nitanshi Goel is unstoppable, till now has received multiple awards, some awards are like that she has never dreamt of, let us take a look at the list of awards she has received till now

2017 – ITA award

In 2017, when she was 10 years old, she got the ITA award for the serial Karamphal Daata Shani. This was her first big award in the line of acting.

2018 – Best child actress by the newspaper association of India

In 2018 she received an award from the Newspaper Association of India for the best child actress.

2018 – best child actress by newsmakers

Again in 2018 got the award for best child actress by the newsmakers.

2018 – Aaj Tak Award

In 2018, she was awarded the Aaj Tak Award for the best child actress by cinema.

2019 – Afternoon Voice Award

In 2019, she was awarded for her voice, she has a soothing voice that attracts a lot of people towards her. She was awarded with Afternoon Voice Award.

2019 – Ryan Star Award

Again in 2019, she was awarded with Ryan Star Award for her acting skills.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
Source: Instagram

2021 – Ionic Gold Award

In 2021 she was awarded by Ionic Gold Award for the Teen Actress of the Year. She was awarded for best teen actress.

2022 – Biba of the Year

In 2022, she was awarded the Biba of the Year. She seemed much younger and happier there.

2023 – Cinema Award

In 2023 she got the Satyajit Ray Icon Award, and she got awarded by the cinema.

2023 – Tycoon Global Award

In 2023, she was again awarded as the best social influencer of the year. The award was the Tycoon Global Award by the cinema.

2023 – Youngest Indian global Award

In 2023, she got her best achievement till now, she was awarded the youngest Indian global award of the year.

Nitanshi Goel Love Life

Nitanshi Goel was asked in an interview whether she has a crush on someone, she replied that people often ask about my love life but I believe that no one can love selflessly like mother and father. She further said her love life includes her family and grandparents. Nitanshi Goel Net Worth denies that she does not have a crush on any boy till now.

She shared her feeling that she is not interested in all of this now, she wants to focus on her goal now which is to become as famous as SShahrukhKhan and the ate Shree Devi. She said my dreams are big that is why I can not distract myself as of now.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Interesting facts About Nitanshi Goel Net Worth

1. Nitanshi grew better learning ability due to acting, as she used to learn 5-6 pages of scripts because of the serials, and because of that she was able to learn question answers to studies too quickly.

2. Her dream is to be like Shree Devi, she wants people to recognize her for her acting skills and movies as people do for Shree Devi. She wants to create a portfolio of movies like of late Shree Devi.

3. Nitanshi is from Noida having no family background in Bollywood and acting line, these points gave inspiration to many other young actors. Nitanshi tries to work harder and try to be humble as people are now taking her as an inspiration.

4. Nitanshi Goel Net Worth believes in manifestation, she feels like whatever you manifest universe is listing to it and it will happen one day. She said that she manifested to get an award which she got, and she manifested to come on the podcast show which also happened.

5. Nitanshi given her reason being her humble nature, stated that she was being respected by the big actors during her initial shoot days which gave her inspiration. She said that her first advertisement shoot was with Amitabh Bachaan, he praised and behaved very sweetly with her which made her realize her humble nature.

6. Nitanshi is a big devotee of Shiv Ji, she believes herself as the daughter of Shiv Ji. She stated that she regularly prays to God with Shiv Mantra. She used to pray at the time of shoots, one video also went viral while doing it. She added that after praying this she gets peace of mind and feels relaxed after doing this.

7. Nitanshi Goel is fond of reading books, during the lockdown time her mother suggested she read Bhagavat Geeta, and she started reading that from her mother’s advice. During the reading phase of the book, she started getting calm over day by day. After the completion of Bhagavat Geeta, she developed many new ethics and behavioral changes.

8. Nitanshi Goel Net Worth is talented all over, in her free time she loves to play chess, and play piano. She loves to dance, she has learned many dance forms like Mohiniyattam. She used to dance at her school functions.

9. Nitanshi Goel is enjoying the love and attention she is getting from her schoolmates, they mention her story with the famous song of her series that is sajni re. She said that she loves the attention she is getting but she is not going to be involved in any of the love relationships as of now.

10. Nitanshi Goel is a big fan of Amir Khan, once when she was shooting in her initial days she got the chance to meet Amir Khan. She was happy and took his autograph on the tissue she had that time but unfortunately, the tissue got misplaced and that day she cried for straight three hours.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Nitanshi Goel’s Social Media Handle

Nitanshi media social media page is the the platform from where she connects with her fans and audience. Here is a list of social media handles that are active

Nitanshi Goel Instagram

Nitanshi Goel’s Instagram I’d be nitanshigoelofficial, she has 11 million followers on her Instagram I’d have 1322 posts with include photos, videos, and advertisements.

Nitanshi Goel YouTube

Nitanshi has a YouTube channel by the name nitanshi_Goel, which has approximately 5 lakh subscribers in the channel, she posts her vlogs on that channel. Her YouTube channel also contributes to Nitanshi Goel Net worth.

Nitanshi Goel Net worth

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth is the most searched topic related to her, Nitanshi Goel  Net Worth has become an inspirational aspect for all of the coming generation of child actors. Nitanshi Goel  Net Worth consists of many aspects such as movies, series, advertisements, YouTube channels, and many more. Nitanshi Goel Net Worth is in crores, she earns from every show she performs like interviews, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Her net worth was boosted after the release of her famous web series.


Nitanshi Goel is a well-known child actress who has captured the interest of people with her amazing acting skills. Nitanshi Goel Net Worth is the milestone that every young actor dreams of. Nitanshi Goel has worked in multiple television shows and web series from a young age than she was 7 years old. She has been awarded as best child actress a lot of times by different associations. Nitanshi Goel recently worked as the lead actress in The Laapata Ladies which was directed by Kiran Rao. After this series, she got fame and love that was unconditional.

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth
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Frequently Asked Questions about Nitanshi Goel Net Worth (FAQs)

Let us know about the interest and most asked questions about Nitanshi Goel  Net Worth, people often ask about her age, height, and many more things. The frequently asked question about Nitanshi Goel Net Worth is listed below

1. What is the age or Nitanshi Goel Net Worth?

Nitanshi Goel if of 17 years now as of 2024. Nitanshi Goel started her journey at a young age which is why people do not believe that she is just 17 years old. She started her journey of acting when she was a 7-year-old child.

2. What is the birth date of Nitanshi Goel?

Nitansi goel birth date is 12 June, 2007. She was born on Tuesday. She was born in Noida but later shifted to Mumbai to start her acting journey.

3. What is Nitanshi Goel Net Worth?

Nitanshi Goel Net Worth as per details is 50 lakhs, she earns through different mediums through songs, series, movies, advertisements, and many more. Nitanshi Goel Net Worth in dollars is 60 dollars.

4. For what Nitanshi  Goel Net Worth is famous for?

Nitanshi Goel  Net Worth is famous for her acting career at such a young age, she has worked in several television shows, television series, television advertisements, ts, and web series. She recently became much more famous due to her recently launched web series that is laapata Ladies.

5. What is the latest series from which she got fame?

Recently her new web series was launched that is laapata Ladies, this was produced and directed by Kiran Rao and Amir Khan. In this famous series, she got the lead role which gave her fame that she had not even dreamed of. The famous series Laapata Ladies makes a remarkable change in Nitanshi Goel Net Worth.

6. In which class is Nitanshi Goel?

Nitanshi Goel has recently moved to 12 class, she will give her 12 board this year. This is interested in her studies as much as she is interested in her acting career. She manages both at the same time and scores well enough in academics too.

7. What is the nationality of Nitanshi Goel Net Worth?

Njtanshi Goel was born in the year 2007 in Noida Uttar Pradesh. Nitanshi Goel’s nationality is Indian, she loves to play Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, and many more. She loves to celebrate Diwali with her family and friends.

8. Who is a fool from Laapata ladies?

Recently launched Laapata ladies series, the mai lead character name is Phool, who got separated at the time of her marriage. That lead role role was performed by the most loved Nitanshi Goel. This character made her famous all across the nation, this made positive changes in the Nitanshi Goel Net Worth.

9. How old is Nitanshi Goel in Laapata ladies?

When Nitanshi Goel was filming for the famous and viral web series, she was just 16 years old. She was in 10 classes at that time, and she managed to give her her boards in that period and even scored good marks. The viral Lapaata ladies series was filmed 1 year ago and at that time she was sixteen years old.

10 . How does her family play a role in Nitanshi Goel Net Worth?

Nitanshi Goel has got most the most supportive parents, her mother and father both supported her in each step of her career. To be with her on Nitanshi Goel Net Worth journey, they left their well-settled jobs just to support her in her life.


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