Nisha Guragain Net Worth: Journey From a Housekeeper to an Instagram Sensation and 10 Interesting Facts About Her

Nisha Guragain, a self-made actor, is known for her fashion and lifestyle. She has been hardworking and determined which made her achieve heights in life. She came to Mumbai when she was 14 years old and started working as a housekeeper, used to clean floors to earn money. Nisha Guragain Net Worth life was not smooth it has been of ups and downs.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram

She has been passionate from a young age and had dreams of earning of own, which made her what now she is. Nisha Guragain was born on the 2nd of October 1997 in Chandigarh. Despite all the ups and downs, she proved herself as a social media star.

Education: Primary Studies, Higher Studies

she was born in Chandigarh and attended school in Chandigarh itself, didn’t have much interest in her studies. She completed her graduation due to family pressure, her interest was in dancing. She somehow managed to pass the exams as her interest was in digital media and technologies.

Primary Studies

Nisha Guragain completed her initial studies at Baptist School, Chandigarh.

Higher Education

went to Chandigarh University for higher education where she earned the degree of B.Com(bachelor of commerce).

Family Background: Mother, Father, Sibling

Nisha Guragain belongs to a well-mannered family, in an interview she revealed that her family members are involved in well-educated posts. She left her family and moved to Mumbai to pursue her career, she moved to Mumbai at the age of 14 to take part in a dance competition.

She moved to Mumbai with a group of friends to take part in reputed shoes like DID, they struggled a lot to give the audition but they did not even get entry to that show. As they did not have any reach and source they did not get a chance to show their passion and compatibility.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram


Nisha Guragain mother, Yashoda Lamsal Guragain, did not support her. In her family dance was not supported at any cost so she left the house and moved to Mumbai, her mother used to cry to pull her back home but she was determined and sure of her step.


Nisha Guragain was ill and her mother used to care for her father which was not an easy task. Nisha herself said that her mother had done more hard work than her. Nisha’s father was also against her decision of dancing career, she did not get support from her father’s side.


Nisha Guragain has 2 siblings excluding her. Her sister’s name is Rajni Arya and her brother’s name is Neeraj Guragain. She shares a special bond with her brother, respects him, and involves him in making bigger decisions.

Nisha Guragain Physical Appearance: Height, Eye Color, Hair Color

Nisha Guragain has an appealing body that attracts a lot of youngsters toward her, she maintains herself in every possible way. She regularly goes to the gym and invests in healthy diets. Her appearance is one of the reasons for her fame. Her beauty also contributed to her net worth journey.

She sometimes got bullied for her dark shade but she did not pay attention to all these and believed in herself. In her, She portrays herself as the most beautiful girl which boosts her confidence.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram


Nisha Guragain is 5 feet 5 inches which in meters means 1.65m. Her height also played a role in making her different from her group.

Eye Color

Nisha Guragain has the most common eye color which is black. She uses lense to make herself more attractive but her natural eye color is black.

Hair Color

Nisha Guragain has a naturally black color, she later used hair color to lighten up hair but she has naturally black color hair.

How Nisha Guragain got Fame

Nisha Guragain did not have an interest in studies rather she was interested in dance and used to take part in all the competitions. Her interest in acting and dance made her inclined toward making reels and videos. When she was doing her higher studies she started posting videos of dance and lip sink which grabbed the attention of some.

Nisha Guragain went viral when her inappropriate video got leaked and circulated all across the internet, which was a tough time but she used that thing correctly and positively and started posting more dancing and lip-sink videos which gave her fame and recognition.

Nisha Guragain TikTok

She had an interest in dance so she started participating in dance events where her friend told her about the platform TikTok. Nisha was a bit afraid of using it as she was not that confident enough that time but her friend boosted her up. One night, she taught me to make a TikTok video, she installed TikTok at 1 am, made a video, and posted it on that platform.

That one video that she posted went viral, she woke up with 1 million likes on that video, she was surprised and started the journey of TikTok. Then there was a time when TikTok got banned, everyone was shocked as it was the earning source of many. There the new chapter begins in Nisha Guragain Net Worth journey that is of Instagram.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Life Before TikTok

Before TikTok, she tried several options to work but nothing worked as TikTok did, she has tried every possible way to earn without any hesitation and shame which made her everything she wanted to be then. Here are some of the areas where she has worked upon

Worked in Companies

She stated in an interview that she had worked in many companies but the income earned through TikTok was much higher than all the companies.

Worked as a Housekeeper

She had even done the work of a housekeeper she used to clean houses and floors of people. When she came to Mumbai she was 14 years old then, she used to clean of houses of people for the sake of money. Her motive was clear from a young age that she wanted her own money.

Worked at Ice Cream Parlors

When she was in school she used to bunk school and go to ice cream parlor to earn money. She used to do all these activities without informing her parents. Once her mother noticed her selling ice cream during school hours, she got mad and scolded nisha.

Worked in Fairs

She used to sell sweets and chocolate to earn money, she has done every possible thing to get a stable life. She used to sell sweets and with the money she got from it, she used to treat her friends with that.

Nisha Guragain Tiktok

Nisha Guragain Net Worth most important phase, this was the life-changing moment of her life. She used to participate in competitions where her friend suggested she make I’d on TikTok as she was good at acting and dancing skills.

Nisha got a bit confused about whether to start making TikTok videos or not, as this was her first time to make an account on that. Her friend praised and taught her how to use and make videos on that.

At 1 am she decided to try Tiktok, she made only 1 video and posted that video. At the time when she posted her video, she started getting likes and comments but she was unable to understand what was going on as she was new to it. She switched phone mode to silent and went to sleep.

The next day she woke up with 1 lakh views, was happy and surprised at the same time, and started running in the house all around. She said that she did not face any difficulty in the TikTok journey as her start was smooth everything further got smoother. Her video views never get down lakhs, she has earned a lot through TikTok which gave Nisha Guragain Net Worth a strong start.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Nisha Guragain  Instagram: Followers, Following, Post

Currently, Nisha Guragain Net Worth has 9 million followers on Instagram which is not a small amount. She has influenced a lot of people she is being followed by many celebrities too.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth Followers

She has approx 10 million followers, her followers list consists of youth, celebrities even teenagers who follow her to view her styling techniques and content.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth Following

Nisha follows 332 people on Instagram which includes her friends, influencers, Bollywood stars, etc.

Nisha Guragain Instagram Post

She is active on each social media platform, and regularly posts stories and pictures of her travel and adventure. She even does many paid partnerships which also contribute to Nisha Guragain Net Worth. She also posts her album to promote the songs.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Nisha Guragain Net Worth: Role of Friends

Her family didn’t support her in all these dance activities, so left the home and started living with her friends. She mentioned the names of friends in her journey, Sandeep Kaur, who told her about the TikTok platform, and the other who supported her in growing and evolving.
Nisha mentioned when she started to receive income she used to give a half portion to her friend and half she kept herself. Her fifty percent were reserved for her friends, she paid her friends for their loyalty.

Nisha love interest 

She wants her future partner to be polite, she does not want expensive gifts but wants him to pull her chair while they have dinner. Nisha wants her future partner to make her favorite dishes, she loves to eat non-vegetarian foods like chicken, and mutton.

She said that she would not choose her partner based on money but would choose upon nature. She added that she will earn to make thing works, she just wants her partner to be loving and caring.

She wants her future partner to be understanding. She does not want her partner to interfere in her life decisions. She added that she will create a limit according to which she wants her partner to be involved.

Nisha Guragain Video Leak

This was the hardest time of her life, she was even afraid of going downstairs, and the whole family was again of her again. That time she even tried to end her life, she tried to end her life by committing suicide. Nisha Guragain Net Worth added that her best friends were not even in support of her.

At that time everyone refused to work with her even her friends did not want to work with her thinking that working with her would degrade their names in the industry.

In an interview with Divyansh Rana, she explained the situation, she was about to hang out thinking there was no life left after. Thankfully at the time her brother called her, consoled her, and made her realize that nothing is broken she can fly again even to higher heights.


Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha Guragain  Net Worth is in crores now, she started her journey by sweeping floors for 200 rupees but now she has a net worth of 2 crores. Nisha Guragain Net Worth is comprised of many platforms, she is a social bird, active on each platform with a higher number of followers which contributes to her net worth.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth also includes video songs, she has worked on many YouTube videos and made lakhs of videos on TikTok which made her capable of earning. Her income through social media platforms started with Tiktok, she got lakhs of views on her first Tiktok video.

Nisha Guragain songs albums

Nisha has worked on various albums which include Haryanvi composers, Punjabi composers, and many more. Her video hits lakhs of views she even costs lakhs per video which contributes to Nisha Guragain Net Worth. She has worked with many famous artists like Asim Riyaz and Shaheer Sheikh. Here are some of her hit songs

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram

1.Pahli barish mein
2.Taash de patte
3.Na ladeya kar
4.Teri rooh
6.Rail mai dhakke lage se
7.Socha na tha
8.Cutie pie

Lesser known facts about her

1.Nisha has been a private person and she does not even need many people around her, she can easily forget people. It takes a maximum of one week to forget someone.

2.In an interview she said that she has been single for the past two years moreover added that that she wants to currently focus on her career.

3.She was born in Chandigarh but she is a Nepali, she visits Nepal where her relatives ask her to get married but she does not want to marry till 35.

4.She loved to visit Nepal but did not like their old thoughts and strictness as her family was against her profession. Till now her relatives did not appreciate her which affected her mother sometimes.

5.Nisha Guragain Net Worth talked about her holiday diaries in an interview, she said that she is fond of traveling, and loves to visit new places. She also said that even if she had less money she would choose to travel.

6.When her private video got leaked she was all alone, not even her friends were by her side to support her in public therefore she thought to commit suicide.

7.Nisha decided to live in Mumbai as she was blown away by the opportunities that she would never get in Chandigarh.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth
Source: Instagram


Nisha Guragain has been a hardworking girl since her childhood, she was stubborn. Her parents were against her dancing traits and refused to accept her profession so she decided to leave the house to carry out her profession. She moved to Mumbai alone and wanted to give auditions but somehow did not get the chance to do so. To prove herself she decided to live in Mumbai and started doing house chores for others for money.

The day when she tried TikTok her life changed and from there her digital media journey started. She worked hard to get success and now she is in the height she had dreamed of. At the current date, Nisha Guragain Net Worth is around 2 crores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nisha Guragain Net Worth

1. What is Nisha Guragain Instagram I’d?

Nisha Guragain Instagram I’d is named “I am Nisha Guragain“, and has 9.1 million subscribers, and 776 posts with a certified blue tick.

2. What is Nisha Guragain religion?

Nisha Guragain is Nepali but was born in Chandigarh and moved to Nepal for some time after that again they returned to Chandigarh.

3. What is Nisha Guragain age?

Nisha was born on 2nd October 1997, as per the details she is 27 years old.

4. What is Nisha Guragain net worth?

Nisha Guragain Net Worth is 2 crores, she had a dream of making her own which she accomplished.

5. What about the Nisha Guragain family?

Nisha Guragain has a big family as stated by her, she has her mother, father, and two siblings excluding her one brother and one sister.

6. What is Nisha Guragain height?

She is a common height of 5.5 inches but has a great personality and appealing figure which attracts people towards her.

7. What is Nisha Guragain nationality?

Nisha Guragain  nationality is Indian, and her relatives live in Nepal, she says she a Nepali as her family is well-settled in India her nationality is Indian.

8. What was Nisha Guragain hardest phase?

Her hardest phase was that time when her intimacy video got leaked and circulated all across the internet. This was the hardest phase of her life mentioned by her.

9. Did Nisha Guragain get support from her family?

No, she did not get support from her parent, her parents wanted her to become a doctor as her parents are well settled and wanted her daughter to be good in studies rather than being interested in dancing and all.

10. In what profession Nisha Guragain is involved in?

Nisha Guragain is an actor, social media influencer, YouTuber, blogger, etc.



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