Finance minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman yesterday announced a unique program to focus on education in the time after the crises of COVID19 pandemic are over. Coronavirus has led to a great breakdown in the education sector and to overcome such loss the PM eVidya Program will make all students tech-worthy and E-learners. It will use the available technology and provide access to the online learning of the various courses.

New channels will be launched on DIRECT TO HOME (DTH) service under the scheme Swayam Prabha program. Before the crises there were three programs that were running on DTH but after the launch of this scheme now there will be twelve more channels that will be added to the list to enhance the education of the students by using television. This program is especially for the students that are poor or do not have access to internet services.                                             

The Government of India is planning to tie up with the DTH companies like Tata sky, Airtel to collaborate and air the educational channels and enhance the skills of young India. There shall also be the use of extensive radio channels that will pave the way to an audio contact between the teachers and students while maintaining the social distant also it will be helpful to the children who do not have proper access to the internet. 

The DIKSHA program that is currently working as the National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers was previously launched in the March end and it has 6 lakhs users in present.

The portal by the Government of India was launched to provide the basic knowledge, accelerate the skills of the teachers by making them tech-worthy. The main motive of this program was help teachers to create training content, profile, in-class resources, assessment aids, news, and the ability to contact the students during this crisis.

Meanwhile as to enable the students to learn digitally more than 10 lakh books have been uploaded on the e-learning platform that is known as E- Pathshala.

The Government of India had also given permission to the 1000 Universities across India to start the online course by 30 May 18, 2020. This will empower the youth as not to feel stressed about their studies during this lockdown.

The major steps are also under consideration, like the Government of India is planning to facilitate the physically impaired students by working on to launch the apps that will help the disabled students to learn without any grievances. 

Manodarpan, is the psychological supporting program, for the teachers, students, and as well as parents to maintain their mental wellbeing throughout this lockdown.

The Government of India is working harder to pave the way to help students the way it could y launching the programs that will facilitate the learning and improve the skills of the students to an extent. This will help students to be tech- worthy too.


~ Abdul Qadir



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