The breakage of coronavirus in the country has shaken the different sectors of the economy. Not only the health care department but also the academic calendar has been highly hindered under the ongoing pandemic.

Keeping the social distancing in mind, many state and centerboard institutions have postponed or canceled the semester as well as entrance exams in the nation.

Several universities and colleges are striving to chalk out the way forward be it holding exams or evaluating students and their performance. Students across colleges and universities have raised questions on their remaining papers contemplating issues during the lockdown. Students of the National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT) have also complained about the problems they are confronting in giving their projects.

niftSome pupils expressed their skepticisms and pressure they were facing, keeping view of their assignments and projects. Our course is developed in a manner that pragmatic element and assignment form the core unlike a conventional course,  says a student at NIFT Kangra. We apprised the college about the dilemma but after the students raised their real problems yesterday by emailing all directors of NIFTs, one of our faculties advised a student that we must avoid involving in all this because there is a possibility of punishing action, the student told.

The problem is no less in NIFT Kolkata. Kolkata and the nearby region is still swiveling the cyclone Amphan and coronavirus disaster. Several pupils who come from that area wept about how they were incapable to take online classes due to bad internet connectivity. “I come from a small town in West Bengal. Due to Amphan, we don’t have any electric supply for the last 10 days. Not everyone can use Wifi right now, yet the teachers are still administering online classes and mandating assignments. Our course demands practical commissions, how we are going to understand anything from zoom classes? We don’t have access to essential stationery right now, how we can we fulfill prototypes?”, a student said.

T Srivani, who is also the center supervisor of NIFT Hyderabad, she said that she cares about her learners. She doesn’t understand what the students are saying we are working arduous to give the best facilities. Also, we are having conferences from time to time. However, students, they had a varied interpretation.

About placements and exam relaxation, the NIFT Hyderabad coordinator told that placements are good. I just unlocked my phone and there are emails from firms lined up for students. We can’t terminate exams because we have to assess the students. They are fine and safe and they are wishing their campus. I am, at regular intervals, is sending company news and internships for the students. We also made travel agreements for the students so they can reach home without discomfort. I don’t know what’s exactly said what, but the students are comfortable and there is no tension from us.”

The college notified the students to give digital layouts and when the college will continue again,  they will give pupils 1-month to finish everything. In this method,  students will have to use personal funds. To manufacture a leather bag it will cost me 10-15,000 comprising the raw material and we have to submit one box containing 5-7 bags. It’s not possible after spending lakhs on this course. Parents of so many students have lost their employment. Who will bear the travel tickets, accommodation, and also the students have to quarantine themselves too? Who will take an obligation if a student gets coronavirus positive during this duration?

So many universities, including D, have canceled the exams, so NIFT should also think about this idea, said a student.



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