New Semester Ahead ? This is how should prepare yourself

To start a new semester can actually be very “nerve-wracking” specially for DU students whether you are a freshman or senior.Juggling between the two extremes has often lead to an imbalance.So,knowing how to start a new semester strongly can be one of the most important tasks during your time in college.Here we present some of the handy tips to start your semester rightly:

1.Start With A GOAL

“Next Semester Se Pakka Seriously  Hoke  Padenge” Kab Padoge,Jab Time Nikal Jaaega…:P So, folks manage your time in such a way so that you don’t get pressurized at the end of the semester. What has happened, has happened so it’s better you should start it from scratch. Set your goals in such a way that you don’t get diverted. If you have decided to achieve something then do it passionately from the very beginning. Don’t regret at the end of the semester when you have too much of workload…. I repeat DO NOT. Avoid it!

2.Equipoise Your Social And Academic Life

“Too Much Of Everything Is Actually Harmful”.A balance is a must have between your academics and social should get involved but not so much that you barely have time to eat and sleep.although,this is a must have during your college days as it spices up your dull,drab and monotonous life by joining any society,volunteer out,play any sport so that your brain also gets relieved.

3.Look Out On Your ‘Life’ Logistics

This situation is faced by every student the logistic problems can be anything be it your friends ka group or having a tough time for the housing/room mate situation or girlfriend/boyfriend a chakkar or an academic issue take a deep breath first of all there is a no need to get panicky there is a solution to every problem work out in advance so that it doesn’t create a messy situation after all it’s your life and you need to live accordingly.

4.Go get a calendar or a planner and use it

Are You Having This ‘Bhoolne Ki Bimaari’ Then Go Get A Calendar That Would Be Easy To Use And Would Grab Your Attention All The Time.Hang Up A Calendar Just Right Next To Your Bed Or Else You Can Carry A Planner In Your Bag Where You Can Fill Down All Your Important Plannings/Events/Date Sessions/Exam Dates So That You Can Peek Throughout The Day And Trust Me This Would Work And Actually Give You Results..!

5.Stay Positive

Entering The Semester With A Positive Mindset Would Help You Reach Your Goals That You Have Never Imagined. All You Have To Do Is To Remain Focused And Driven And Forget About All The Negativity, Forget Who Broke Your Heart Or Who Has Bitched About You .Simply Come U With An Attitude Which Says “I Am Here Only To Succeed And Look Damn Good While Performing It” if you carry this you have an incredible semester for sure. The only key is “CONFIDENCE”.


It is your semester and you are capable of it to make the best one. All you have to do is put away your fears and the moments which have embarrassed you so much. You only funda is to stay organized,healthy,happy after all it is your take.

By- Aashima Gupta



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