Does anyone consider a new generation career nowadays? I doubt. Newspaper headlines in India often carry conflicting claims about employment- or for that matter- unemployment in the country.

Blaming any ruling government and economic situation for unemployment, especially among millennials or Indian youth is common. Regrettably, nobody blames own shortcomings for their failure to find jobs and make a career. So let’s look at some facts.

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Why New Generation Careers?

There are several reasons for unemployment as well as under-employment among Indian youth.

Empirical research by various trade organizations, media houses, and the Indian government clearly point towards a single fact: Youth can’t find jobs because they opt for traditionally favorite courses such as medicine, engineering and management. Rather than breaking away from the flock, study emerging trends and finding new generation careers, Indian youth pursue careers they wrongly believe would secure an excellent future.

There’s only one sure way to break this deadlock: opt for new generation careers. And what are new generation careers? Search around on a good recruitments portal and you’ll find some But let me save you some effort. Here’s a curated list of topmost new generation careers for youth in 2019.

New Generation Careers for Youth

What you’re about to read might shock you. However, without a shred of doubt, I would affirm these are trending, new generation careers for youth in 2019. Especially in India where thousands of MBAs, engineers and medicine graduates remain sans gainful employment.

Digital Marketing

I rate digital marketing as the topmost, trending and new generation career for youth. Reasons are simple: By 2022, India’s ecommerce industry will require close to two million digital marketing professionals. Ecommerce alone will support over 20 million micro, small and medium enterprises in this country.

By ecommerce, I’m not implying Amazon, Flipkart, and similar organizations. Multinational companies, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), logistics, healthcare, hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors will all have a demand for digital marketing experts. This is aptly supported by Digital India and Smart Cities initiatives by the Indian government.

If you wish to break away from the bleating flock, consider this new generation career in 2019. It holds tremendous future scope for career development and promises lucrative remuneration too.


Blogging isn’t something that quirks with a flair for writing engage in. Instead, it’s a top class new generation career for youth. Blogging can help you get high-paying jobs with top companies or make money from home with minimal investment. All you require is passion or in-depth knowledge about a topic or field with creative writing and presentation skills.

Setting up a blog is very easy. You can do it free by registering on a free blog website such as Weebly, WordPress, Tumblr among others. Or invest some money to buy an excellent domain name, website hosting and other essentials.

At any rate, blogging isn’t child’s play or cakewalk. An estimated 500 million blogs operate worldwide with bloggers posting more than two million articles daily. This might sound daunting but wait. There’re several excellent articles on how to create a blog written by some of the most popular bloggers of this country. These articles provide step-by-step, Do-It-Yourself instructions on how to make a killer, money-spinning blog. Blogging allows you to earn thousands of Dollars every month from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Instagram Influencer

Almost every popular brand in the world is on Instagram. And for a reason too: this photo and video sharing website has over 800 million users worldwide. No business worth its name can afford to neglect Instagram as an effective marketing too. Nor can it overlook the importance of influencer marketing through Instagram.

Earlier, influencer marketing would involve celebrities from various fields including cinema and sports. Thanks to Instagram, it’s now possible for anyone with a flair for presentation and swaying people’s opinion to become an influencer.

What does it involve? Finding a topic, niche or passion that matches your personality, acquiring expert level knowledge about this topic and presenting in a manner that people actually yearn for the stuff. As conventional marketing continues to lose steam and popularity, businesses small and large turn towards Instagram Influencer marketing. It’s cost effective, measurable and delivers desirable results.

Mobile Applications Developer

Just completed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent and don’t know what course to take? Check out Bachelor in Computer Science from any topmost, state-run university in India. You’ll acquire skills necessary to develop mobile applications or what is commonly known as ‘apps’.

As cheaper smartphones and inexpensive mobile data packages flood the Indian market, there’s a correspondingly high demand for Android and IOS –based apps. India’s emergence as a digital economy is imminent. And the country’s moving rapidly towards digitization in various important spheres such as governance, law & order as well as healthcare.

In coming years, most Indians will depend heavily on mobile apps for various activities. And organizations are already under pressure to provide apps that ease various processes such as application for services and jobs. Existing apps will become redundant by default and need newer, better variants. Hence, mobile applications developer is yet another superb, trending new generation career for youth in India in 2019.

In Conclusion

There are several advantages of taking up new generation careers: your skills won’t go redundant at least in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, these new generation careers also offer excellent entrepreneurship opportunities. Or you can work as freelancer with flexible hours from home. In any case, these new generation careers for youth are here to stay for long run.


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