New education policy

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the new education policy declared by the administration underlines on making ‘job creators’ rather than ‘job seekers’ and is an endeavor to change the plan and the substance of the nation’s education system.

Narendra Modi while addressing the finale of the Shrewd India Hackathon mentioned that the new education policy 2020 encourages between disciplinary examination which will guarantee that the emphasis is on what the learners need to learn.

Modi further added that it isn’t only a strategy record yet an impression of the goals of more than 130 crore individuals. An enormous segment of students feels that they are judged on the marks of subjects in which they are not interested. Regularly there is pressure from loved ones and they begin examining a specific subject without any interest.

He said that this methodology has added to a populace which is educated yet what it has examined is of no utilization to it… in spite of having a heap of degrees, people feel inadequate and need certainty which influences as long as they can remember. The new instruction strategy is an endeavor to change this approach and get orderly change the education system by improving the aim and substance.
The prime minister mentioned that the new NEP has been surrounded by remembering the goals of the young people of the 21st century of our nation. This is the ideal opportunity for an expanded spotlight on learning, research, advancement. This is actually what India’s New Education policy, 2020 does. We are concentrating on the nature of training in India. Our endeavors have been to make our education system the most development and present-day for students of our nation.

While addressing students Modi Ji said that the strategy is about the soul which mirrors that we are moving from the weight of the school pack, which doesn’t last past the school, to the shelter of realizing which helps forever, from essentially remembering to basic reasoning. The job of the young is significant in accomplishing the objective of ‘simplicity of living’ to give a superior life to poor people.

Earlier this week, the NEP approved by the Union Cabinet renewed a 34-year-old National Policy on Education in 1986. The aim behind replacing the education framework is transformational reforms in school and higher education systems in order to make our country a global knowledge superpower.

Some changes in the NEP are lowering the stakes of board exams, common entrance tests for universities, teaching up to class 5 in mother tongue or regional language, and a single regulator for higher education institutions except for law and medical colleges.

The prime minister said that the dialects of India will advance and grow further because of the progressions acquired in the education strategy. This won’t just advance information and learning in the nation, yet will likewise reinforce its solidarity.

HRD Ministry organized Hackathon, which is a non-stop digital product development competition. In which issues are presented to innovation students to recommend creative arrangements.


A senior HRD Ministry official said that the keen India Hackathon is an activity to distinguish new and problematic advanced innovation developments for understanding the difficulties looked by our nation. This year, we will have in excess of 10,000 students contending to take care of 243 issue proclamations from 37 central government departments, 17 state governments, and 20 industries.

He added that there will be three winners. Prize money of Rs 1 lakh carries each problem statement except the student innovation theme. Moreover, Rs 1 lakh, Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000 will be awarded to the 1, 2 and the 3 position respectively. HRD Ministry organized the fourth edition of the hackathon.

The official said that as a result of Keen India Hackathons to date, around 331 models have been created, 71 new businesses are under development, 19 new companies are effectively enlisted. Further, 39 arrangements have just been conveyed at different offices, and around 64 potential arrangements have been financed for the additional turn of events.




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