The global sports betting market will grow by a compound annual growth rate of 10.1%. According to the research site, the global sports betting market stood at 66.98 billion USD in 2020. Given its past growth, the betting market will become bigger by 2028.

In keeping up with this trend, cricket betting sites are coming up fast and capturing a big portion of the global sport betting market. While hockey, cricket and kabaddi are the unofficial national sports of India, cricket fans are in for a bonanza with the introduction of new cricket betting sites. The ability to bet online has made the sport of cricket even more exciting for fans.

This excitement to bet on cricket has not only captured the urban market, but also the rural market. A capacity to access the internet at cheap costs has enabled many cricket fans to bet online from all walks of life.

The ability to engage with one’s favourite sport became even more necessary because the Covid-19 saw extreme disruption in physical sports as no matches were being held on ground. Even if they were, there were numerous travel restrictions. This forced numerous fans to go online, and in a way, also triggered the growth of online cricket betting sites.

What is new in online cricket betting

Cricfolks is a new cricket betting site that aims to offer something different in the world of online betting. This cricket betting website is informative, easy to use, and offers several options for people who want to bet on cricket. It also educates newbies on how to find their way around in the online betting market. This means bettors can now bet on their favourite team or player without having to go to a physical bookie or make numerous calls.

How informative is it

This is an authentic and informative site, which also provides news, live scores updates, stats, and Twitter reactions. The site is detailed and educative on how to start online cricket betting. In addition, this site keeps you updated with the legal aspects of betting too. From how to deposit and withdraw money, preventing gambling addiction, to a detailed review on how to choose from the top online cricket betting sites, it explains it all.

Pros and cons

Not all cricket betting sites are reliable because they are not licensed. This puts the users at risk of being scammed and defrauded. Since the online betting market is new – it is susceptible to malpractices by fly-by-night operators, therefore, trust is hard to come by.

On the other hand, this site has been covering cricket news for years and only now is stepping into online cricket betting. The site has been trustworthy with their cricket coverage for years and will bring the same trust into cricket betting by delivering top quality betting services. Observers expect that this site is not only aiming high but will also deliver.

Do give this website a try this weekend, will you?


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