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Since New Year is approaching, surely you will be planning about celebration of New Year but have you planned your new year resolution too?  It’s a great time to think about some New Year resolutions, some promises and commitments to self. New Year is like a restart of life. We should look for the things and goals that we missed out in previous year and want to complete them in this upcoming year. Here is the list of goals that can help you in improving and enhancing your life.

1. Increase concentration level

This should definitely be on your resolution list. These days most of us live life with a chaos in our mind and hence are easily distracted. Many students and adults complain for not being able to concentrate properly in studies or work. This new year try to gain ability to focus on one single subject by bringing little changes in routine. You can increase your concentration level by meditation and sleeping on time.

2. Improve fitness

‘A Sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body’- we all have read this quote but hardly bring it in our daily life. This is the time to achieve it. Promise yourself that you’ll work on your health, take healthy diet, avoid fast food and exercise regularly. Get yourself in shape and gain self-confidence.

3. Quit bad habits

We all have some bad habits that we need to quit from this upcoming year. People develop some habits unknowingly and later at some point of time realize that it is not good for them. At later stages people find it hard to wipe away bad habits as with time they develop deep in mind and body. Either it is being lazy,lying,self-criticism or drinking & smoking etc. You need to be firm on your decision till you quit it.

4. Volunteer for good cause

Being a reason of someone’s smile gives an unmatchable inner peace. An act of kindness not only makes you more human but also makes you feel good. You can donate your old books, toys and less used clothes to someone needy. You can also volunteer for good causes like blood donation or working at orphanage or old age homes.

5. Plant trees

Planting trees as a resolution might seem irrelevant to many people.It is known to everyone how the world is facing the issue of pollution and global warming. If we take planting trees as a resolution, it would be a small step toward the change that we all are in need of.  If each one plant one tree and nurture it then we can certainly control the problem of pollution.

6. Conquer procrastination

Delaying work is an act of unsuccessful people. Though procrastination is a humanly nature but we should try to avoid it as much as possible. Due to the habit of procrastination a lot of people complete project on the day of deadline and curse self for not completing it earlier. Procrastination arises when people do not have much interest in that task or when they do not have a prioritized list of task. For conquering procrastination, give deadlines to yourself for completing task and be determined about it.

7. Pick up a hobby /new skill

There are several benefits of picking up some new hobby. Trying out a new hobby helps you in relieving stress and express yourself. Moreover you acquire a new skill and learn something new. A new hobby or skill could be anything you always wanted to try out but never got time. So now this New Year is the perfect time for it. You can go for book reading, playing some instrument, blogging or learning new language.

8. Limit yourself to social media

This should be doubtlessly on your resolution list. We should truly admit that we have become the slaves of social media and have developed a habit of checking out social media every now and then. Social media eat a big chunk of our life in which we could have done something productive. Promise yourself and limit the time of these social Medias.

9. Par your comfort zone

Most of us are satisfied in our own little bubble of comfort.  We rarely try to take risk due to the fear of failure or judgment. Once we taste the failure, we try to be a lot more careful than required or even avoid such situations. Without taking risks, facing your fears or insecurities, you will not be able to step ahead in life and will miss a lot of opportunities. This New Year try to build self-confidence, face your fears and par your comfort zone.

10. Learn to be happy

This is the last but most important to mention on the resolution list. Happiness is not something bought from market nor can anyone give us. Just because of few failures or disappointments people forget to be happy for other things they are grateful of. Try to obtain happiness from inside. Do things that make you happy and avoid reasons that bring unhappiness.

These are some ideas that may help you in building your list of New Year resolutions. New Year resolutions give an excuse for improving ourselves physically and mentally. These are goals that must be achieved within period of a year. Regardless of what you commit to yourself, you should be determined about it for the rest of year and always track the progress of it.

Anushikha Chaudhary


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