The Narendra Modi government can approve the new education policy in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday. This means that there will be only one regulatory body for the entire higher education sector so that clutter in the education sector can be eliminated. The HRD Ministry has also proposed that the current name of the ministry be changed to the Ministry of Education. It can be decided in the cabinet meeting

These can be improved
Single Regulator – The HRD Ministry is preparing to merge UGC and AICTE together. From this, a regulatory body will be made and the existing regulatory body will be fitted in a new role. National Higher Education Regulatory Authority will be constituted for the entire higher education

Reorganization of Board
Examinations – A big change can be made in the new education policy regarding board exams. According to the students, there can be freedom to choose the course. Special attention will be paid to skill. The biggest change can be made in the examination methods. It may happen that students get a chance for exams two or three times a year so that they can save themselves from the pressure. A semester system may be advised instead of a board examination.


Change in RTE Act? – The Right to Education Act (RTE) was made for children between 6 and 14 years. There is a provision of free and compulsory education in it. Under this law, the management of every school has to reserve some seats for the students of this category. Now the government can also include pre-primary education in it. There may also be a provision of free and compulsory education up to grade 9-12. According to this, it can be applicable for 18 years.

Emphasis on regional languages – Classical language can be emphasized by the government. Apart from Sanskrit, schools can include Oriya, Telugu, Tamil, Pali, and Malayalam languages. This provision can be made from class 6 to 8. Apart from this, campuses of global universities can be allowed to be opened in the country.

Regulator new name
The HRD Ministry has already prepared a plan to make the regulator. The name of this regulator will be the National Higher Education Regulatory Authority (NHERA) or Higher Education Commission of India. According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the National Education Policy was formulated in 1986 and some changes were made in 1992. After this, three decades have passed, but nothing major has been changed.

The central government believes that there is a need for a big change in the field of education so that India can become a superpower of knowledge in the world. For this, everyone needs to be educated in good quality so that a progressive and dynamic society can be created. To improve the quality of education imparted at the primary level, the emphasis is on preparing a new national curriculum framework. In this framework, knowledge of different languages, 21st-century skills, issues related to sports, arts, and atmosphere will also be included in the course.

Will sports also be included?
As far as the inclusion of sports in education is concerned, Sports Minister Kiran recently said that sports will be part of the curriculum in the country’s new education policy. Kiran said, ‘India’s new education policy has not been officially announced yet, but it is at the final stage. My ministry has already made its stand strongly during the talks. ”According to Kiran, a high-level committee has been set up to form the National Sports Education Board.




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