Historic Nalanda University Set for Grand Inauguration by PM Modi

Nalanda University

Nalanda University Inauguration: A New Era of Learning

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new campus of Nalanda University. It is located near the historic ruins of the ancient Buddhist center of learning in Bihar. This event marks the culmination of efforts that began nearly two decades ago. It aims to revive the legacy of one of the world’s oldest universities.

Background and Establishment

Nalanda University was established in 2010. It is following an act of Parliament. The idea took shape during the second East Asia Summit in the Philippines in 2007. Later at the fourth East Asia Summit in Thailand in 2009. Leaders called for creating an international institution. A place dedicated to intellectual, philosophical, historical, and spiritual studies.

The project gained significant momentum under the Bharatiya Janata Party government in 2014. The university initially started in a makeshift location with just 14 students. Construction of the new campus began in 2017. It is inspired by the ancient Nalanda University established in the 5th century. It used to attract students worldwide before.

Inauguration Ceremony

The inauguration will be attended by external affairs minister S. Jaishankar and ambassadors from 17 participating countries. These nations, including members of ASEAN and other international partners, have signed MOUs to support Nalanda University.

Nalanda University

Academic Excellence

Nalanda University offers 137 scholarships to international students. It will be funded by the ASEAN-India Fund, BIMSTEC scholarships, and the Bhutan Scholarship of the MEA. The university provides PG, doctoral research courses, and short-term certificate courses.

In the past three academic years, the postgraduate program has grown significantly:

    • 2021-22: 220 students (51 Indian and 169 international)
    • 2022-23: 228 students (55 Indian and 173 international)
    • 2023-24: 322 students (69 Indian and 253 international)

Students from various countries have enrolled in the programs. They are from countries like Argentina, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and many others.

Schools and Centers

Nalanda University comprises six schools:

    1. School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy, and Comparative Religions
    2. School of Historical Studies
    3. School of Ecology and Environmental Studies
    4. School of Sustainable Development and Management
    5. School of Languages and Literature
    6. School of International Relations and Peace Studies (yet to commence)
Nalanda University
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Additionally, the university hosts four centers:

    • Center for Bay of Bengal Studies
    • Center for Indo-Persian Studies
    • Center for Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies
    • Common Archival Resource Center

Campus Facilities

The new campus boasts impressive facilities:

    • Academic Blocks: Two blocks with 40 classrooms and a seating capacity of 1,890.
    • Administrative Blocks: Two blocks.
    • Auditoriums: Two with a seating capacity of over 300.
    • Hostels: Capacity for nearly 550 students.
    • Academic Residential Housing: 197 units.

Other amenities include:

    1. A guesthouse
    2. Iinternational center
    3. Dining hall (capacity of 1,000)
    4. Amphitheater (capacity of 2,000)
    5. Sports Complex
    6. Medical center
    7. Commercial center
    8. And, a faculty club.

Sustainable Initiatives at Nalanda University

Nalanda University will be a “net zero” green campus:

    • Solar Plant: 6.5-MW DC on-grid.
    • Water Treatment Plant: 500-KLD for domestic and drinking water.
    • Water Recycling Plant: 400-KLD for wastewater reuse.
    • Water Bodies: 100 acres.
    • Biogas Plant: 1.2-MW AC waste-to-energy plant nearing completion.

Future Developments

A library with the capacity to hold 300,000 books and accommodate 3,000 users is scheduled for completion in September.


The Nalanda University inauguration represents a significant milestone. It will help in reviving the historical importance of this ancient center of learning. The new campus is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities and sustainable design. It aims to attract students from worldwide. It will be continuing the legacy of the ancient Nalanda University.

The main focus will be on international collaboration and academic excellence. Nalanda University is set to become a beacon of learning and research. It will honor its rich heritage while looking towards a bright future.


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