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The initial year of Modi Government’s second tenure was full of historical events and relevant decisions, said by BJP Home Minister Amit Shah asserted on Saturday on the occasion of completion of one year of BJP government in the country. 

Party President JP Nadda, contended that the party would be remembered for its vital and tough decisions that “changed” the country.

In the six-year tenure of the BJP Modi government, PM Narendra Modi has corrected many “historical flaws” and laid the foundation of self-independent India, which will lead to the country’s development, said the Union Minister. 

“I happily congratulate the country’s celebrated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the successful one year of Modi 2.0. It has been full of historic accomplishments,” Shah tweeted.

Nadda further said that Modi has directed a new way for the growth of the country. With his far-sighted programs, the dedication of the team India and people’s goodwill and country’s interest inclined policy, he assured public safety. 

“I congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other partners of the government on the completion of the successful one year of its second term,” the BJP president disclosed publically.  This year of the Modi government is full of many accomplishments.”

In the letter to the Indian citizens, he wrote how he ran the country with utmost dedication and described its various achievements. 

Since the year 2014, the country faced serious positive changes. 

PM Narendra Modi led NDA government has first came in power on 26 May 2014. Again, he was marked victorious and became PM for the second time on May 23, 2019. 

In the presented letter, he told about various schemes and projects launched by the BJP government during the first and second tenures. 

This day last year started a bright chapter in the record of Indian democracy. It was after numerous decades that the people of the nation voted back a full-term government with a full plurality. Once again, I bend to the 130 crore civilization of India and the democratic ethos of our country,” PM Modi disclosed in the letter.

“He remarked that during natural times, the carnivals for the first anniversary would have been different. “If the times would be normal, I would have been addressing the nation. However, the current conditions do not permit that. That is why I pursue your blessings through this letter,” the PM said.

“India ascertained its strength through the surgical strike and airstrike. At the same time,  relevant steps such as OROP, One Nation One Tax- GST, better MSP for farmers have been taken to for India,” he said,

He said that since 2019, when India voted him back to power, he has been working hard to make India, a global leader. 

“Article 370 improved the spirit of national harmony and integration. The Ram Mandir conclusion, delivered unanimously by the Honorable Supreme Court of India, brought a friendly end to a debate persisting for centuries. The barbaric exercise of Triple Talaq has been constrained to the dustbin of history. Amendment to the Citizenship Act was an expression of India’s attention and spirit of inclusiveness,” he added.

 However, the opposition party, Congress called it a ‘disaster’. 




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