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Sometimes it can be hard as well as challenging for the organizations to develop an IoT project especially with the overwhelming content available online. A developer interested in creating his wondering path has to look for documentation in different locations to take forward his interest.

Microsoft with Azure IoT training has recently launched a free new course for developers. The course is designed to enable people to learn how to analyze data, connect and manage various devices, and extract insights from an IoT platform. The structured curriculum is designed to train people to become familiar with Azure IoT. 


Azure IoT developer Specialty Training is a free certificate course. The course was first announced during the Microsoft Build conference. In the month of January, Microsoft had introduced the platform in Beta.

In order to provide business solutions starting from the setup of the IoT device, Maintenance to the end of its life cycle, the course will benefit the developer to work with other stakeholders and data engineers.

As per Microsoft, by the end of the course, the user will come to know how to execute IoT solutions. After the completion of the course, the aspirant will have a knowledge of data analysis, data processing, platform as a service option, and data storage options.

The Azure IoT training course comprises of the following:

Structured Curriculum: It will allow users to promptly familiarize themselves with the Azure IoT platform.

Online Video Lectures: The video lectures will teach the fundamentals of Azure IoT and its cloud services.

The practice of Lab: It will allow the developers to connect stimulated and real devices. 


The course is meant to benefit:

  • Any engineer who wishes to work with one of the famous cloud-based IoT Platforms.
  • A person who desires to explore the community of the Internet of Things.
  • A learner who aspires to develop projects in IoT by means of Microsoft Azure Cloud Service.
  • Any individual with basic programming knowledge and a desire to learn.

The Azure IoT course include the following: 

  • Three hours of video lectures
  • Two articles
  • Ten resources that can be downloaded
  • Assignments
  • Compatible to be accessed on mobile and TV
  • Certification of completion

The certificate course will measure the following skills set before awarding the certificate:

  • Implementation of edge
  • Implementation of security
  • Implementation of IoT solution infrastructure
  • Monitor troubleshoot and optimize IoT solution
  • Process and manage data

The people willing to register themselves for the free course offered by Microsoft must have a basic knowledge of Azure’s services using its IoT solutions.

To support this certification, the free learning course has been made available on Microsoft Learn. People who are more comfortable learning with an instructor can avail of this course for free.

At the time of Build 2020, Microsoft further disclosed that it will make available quantum computing through the Azure platform for the developers. The new platform will be made available for a limited preview to selected developers and enterprises.





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