A plea regarding connecting metro cards or token with a commuter’s address proof was denied by the Delhi High Court. It was due to the fact that the issue was not represented to DMRC before walking to the judiciary.

The two Delhi High Court’s judges, Manmohan and Sanjeev  Narula dismissed the petition. However, the applicants were provided the liberty to push the problems before the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) by the judges.

If the petitioners are willing to represent the issue concerned plea to DMRC then it is supposed to dispose of the petition within the duration of four weeks by a reasoned order after taking the review and inputs of the respective authorities.

The Hindu

The appeal asks that it must be compulsory for metro travelers to submit the proof of their individuality and address (aadhar card and other) while purchasing metro tokens or cards so that they could prove themselves as the owner, in case it is lost.

They further added that during the adverse condition of the coronavirus outbreak, the DMRC should be well aware of the details of the regular travelers of the metro as it will assist them in resisting COVID 19 patients to travel.

  • Varsha Verma




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