From Daughter of an Auto Rikshaw Driver to topper in UPSC exam

The daughter of an auto rickshaw driver obtained the eighth rank in Indian Economic Service examination, conducted by UPSC.
Megha Arora, 24, is a graduate of Hansraj College, Delhi University and a postgraduate from Delhi School of Economics (DSE). Megha’s father, Sunil Arora, who has studied till class VIII said, “She has made all of us proud. She has worked hard and achieved success, which I could only dream of.”

Sunil, her father who has been a rickshaw driver since 1987, ferrying school students in his three-wheeler said, “Megha did not take any coaching and cleared the IES exam on her first attempt.

Megha who appeared along with 15 other candidates from DSE Delhi School of Economics, was only one to clear the examination with an interview from her batch. “It was a friend’s suggestion to appear for the IES examinations. I had my basic concepts clear and just needed an extra 8 to 12 hours of daily study to go through the syllabus of IES,” said Megha. She is not interested in the corporate world, and she still goes for the Ph.D.

She said she gave a diplomatic answer to a question on demonetization, asked by the interview panel of the UPSC. “Everything in the world has pros and cons. From demonetization, many have benefited and many have suffered. My opinion was balanced and diplomatic”.

Prachi Agarwal


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