On account of the coronavirus outbreak, the nation has been put under the bars of the lockdown. Owing to this situation, the prime minister of India has restricted the working of many employees and company in the office. They are carried out their business by working in their home. But what about those workers who earn daily to earn their livelihood? From where they will earn money? From where they will feed their family? The deadlock has ultimately affected the whole nation as a whole but the major impact of this deadlock has been put upon the poor. Those people who cannot afford to stay at home for this long without earning anything. In views of this situation, the chief minister of respective stated have decided yo give ration to the poor and needy, to all daily wages workers. They are provided financial help so that they do not have to face any kind of trouble because of lockdown.

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Some people could not reach their families:

There are people who are stuck somewhere and cannot reach their family. There are many students who also could go to their home because of the corona pandemic. So, under the guidance of the state Chief Minister N Biren Singh, the principal secretary P K Singh who is the present resident commissioner of Manipur Bhawan, New Delhi has started to distribute dry ration to the students and stranded people in the national capital. When they contacted the commissioner, he informed that they have covered about 200 students in Gurgaon and 100 in Delhi. They have distributed dry ration to about 400 in Murnika, Delhi.

Distribution of dry ration:

The items which are distributed as ration are 5 kg rice, 1 kg dal, potato and onion. 1-litre cooking oil, masks and sanitizer is also being distributed. The senior IAS officer said,” we are going with 500 packets to Delhi University, North Campus.” Those people who wish to contribute to this decision is helping out for the dry ration. The officer who is represented as the state’s Nadal Officer is given this opportunity to help and guide the stranded citizens of the state by contacting the concerned state government. He informed that they have collected information and also the contact details of the needy people from the state from almost 30 localities. And now they are clubbing in groups to manage distribution. They have intended to cover at least 4 to 5 thousand.

Helping everyone:

So eventually, our government is trying it’s best to get over this lockdown with ease. They are trying their best so that no one could suffer due to this lockdown.

~ Kanika Khatri


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