All state colleges have been ordered by Maharashtra Education Minister Amit Deshmukh, to furnish certificates to MBBS, last year’s students. This initiative is directed so that students can assist to fight against COVID 19 pandemic. 

He has also asked non-governmental doctors and nurses to join the team to eradicate the coronavirus in Maharashtra. 

The Minister has asked all the colleges of the state to give medical certificates to the students of final year students pursuing MBBS, who have finished their education in the year 2019, and the mandatory internship till Feb 2020.

The urgent need for graduation certificates to the students amidst the pandemic is because the government wants the newly made doctors to unite with the medical staff members. And make the force more in volume.


All the nominees who are facilitated with the certificate would be considered as a professional doctor and they all are eligible to carry out the medical practice.

The government of Maharashtra has taken steps to control the situation of coronavirus in the state. 

State government to give “honorarium” to voluntary medical associates

The Education Minister has also declared a scheme of honorarium to encourage medical personnel to assemble with the force.

Under this scheme, Rs 80000 to doctors, 30000 to nurses, and 1 lakh to specialists would be donated to them for their outstanding voluntary work for humanity. 

There are more than 60000 cases prevailing in Maharashtra, which makes it one of the most affected areas under COVID 19 catastrophe. 

So, to curb the rising tide of the pandemic, the government took this serious measure. 

Maharashtra reported 2,190 recent coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, taking the total estimation in the state of about 56,948, said by the state health headquarters.

Adding this, the death cases in the state increased to 1,897 after 105 more casualties were reported in the state since Tuesday.


Earlier, Maharashtra became the first state in India allowing final year students to complete their semester without giving examinations.


“Colleges must use the prior semester grades to pass the prospects. We don’t wish the academic year of students to get expended,” said Thackeray while communicating the public on a live video record.

However, it is to be seen under what circumstances the Centre approves this proposal. Union Human Resource Development minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on May 28 said all final year assessments in the country will be executed on different due dates.

Pedagogy is on the concurrent list, meaning both the Centre and the states have authority over it.  However, for granting degrees, the University Grants Commission has the final call. 

In a letter to the Chief Minister, the governor put up that he was ‘surprised’ to know through media announcements that the CM had proclaimed that ‘no examinations shall be conducted this year’, while he was however awaiting a response to his message to the Chief Minister. 

Interpreting the statement of the revocation of examinations by the Chief Minister as ‘unprecedented’ and made ‘without any genuine thinking on the legal grounds ’, Koshyari contended that the conclusion, if carried out, would threaten the future of pupils. 




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