Hansraj College, located in the north campus of the University Of Delhi is well-known for a lot of things. Most illustrious of them are its soaring cut-offs, the perfect location in the entire campus, its science courses and the fact it’s the alma mater of the hatful of household faces including star actor of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. Perhaps, you’ll not be goggle-eyed if I tell you that every year a tidy sum of students prefer and enrol themselves in this college in the main because they wholeheartedly love the idea of studying in the college of a famed star.

Well, the list just doesn’t end here. The college is also famous for its most-visited hangout spot, LP or lover’s point. If you go to the college daily or ever have been there, it is obvious that you have been to LP also. Placed in the center of the campus, it is a small triangular area, having its own brio. Below is a list of all the activities taking place in LP which defines this safely-placed spot and the college campus in its true sense!

The misconception about its name –

For most of the people, who’ve never been here, its tenably a hangout place for couples and lovers, but the sheer reality is that it is always jam-packed with students killing time and chilling and chewing the fat with their friends. Undoubtedly, it’s the best place in the entire campus to flee to if you’re burnt-out with the lectures and classes.

The all-time fave place for NukkadNataks –

One of the most engrossing sights of LP is to find a nukkadnatak going on in its full flow. All the theatre groups and dramatics societies in and out of the college pick it for their performance, mainly because it gathers most of the crowd of the college. It sees a fiesta of sprightly artists rollicking to the beats of drums and a crowd of spectators thrilled to look at their vigour and moves.

The perfect spot for all the fests and festivities –

Be it any departmental fest or college fest or the Diwali Mela, LP is seldom seen vacant. It is one of the most aggrandized spots in the college in the fest season. An overplus of furbelows, origami stars, birds and flowers along with fancy posters spread over this tiny placeelicites excitement and involution spirit in the students. It is needless to state that it attracts a huge crowd in the fest season.

An onlooker of every last society meeting in the campus –

LP sees a flutter of students every day in the break time, along with some consecrated society members huddled together in a circle, discussing strategies and plans for the upcoming events and publicity of their society. Also, it sees of different panels figuring out political agendas during DUSU and college elections. All-in-all, it’s the official addafor all the plannings and preparatory discussions in the campus.

The last stop for all the gourmets – You’ll always find a bunch of students relaxing in the shade of much-needed umbrellas, either chit-chatting or finding solace in their shakes. You have a helluva lot of options to choose from, when it comes to shakes and other appetizers found in the shakes corner of LP. Be it the oreo shake, omelettes or a range of mojitos, students love relishing these toothsome delights!

If you are a student of Hansraj College or a DU student who ended up here for fun, you’ll surely relate to the above points. Tag all your north campus, south campus and off-campus friends and ask them to accompany you to one of the most loved hangout spots in the north campus!

~Ishita Singh


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