kolkata bois locker room
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People are still disturbed and in rage by the kind of mentality of few a chat groups depicted. The outbreak of screenshots including ‘bois locker-room room’s ‘distressing and humiliating chats haven’t even peaced out yet and there is yet another revelation of a similar incident.

This time the incident originates from Kolkata. The incident came in light only after a twitter user @Aiyoobrows, posted a thread of tweets mentioning that there exists a google drive containing semi-nude and nude pictures of women, and many men have access to the drive and was also circulated among friends. And these pictures have also been used to threaten women in past, tweeted @Aiyoobrows.

He accused men in this case who are all students of Jadavpur University.

He allegedly accused, Souryadeep Basak as the owner of the drive

“I found out about Google Drive in 2018 through a friend when I offered my solidarity to her on her MeToo post. I was shocked and disgusted to say the least. The Google Drive was started by Souryadeep Basak in 2016 or even earlier to save the pictures from his conquests with women and shared with his friends from the university and perhaps even outside the university. I was really traumatized on finding out that my pictures (sent to him in my first year of college, when he manipulated me into sending him my intimate pictures and sent me his without even asking for it) were being circulated among people without my consent.” as per @Aiyooobrows

Many other people have confirmed the existence of such a drive.

@Aiyooobrows tweeted, “ these men are well-known in the Kolkata MUN and debating circles. They have been doing this shit for years now. Being from a premier institution and winning multiple awards doesn’t absolve them of doing this.”

Souryadeep Basak, in reply to the tweets, made a post saying “ I was a wide-eyed, albeit testosterone-fueled, the teenager who felt honored, even overwhelmed in the presence of the smart and beautiful women who had expressed their interest in me… In all seriousness, I was an immature and bratty child in my college days. I could not commit to a relationship to save the life of me… In my first and second year of college, in an attempt to be socially relevant, I spoke about these short-lived escapades with a misplaced sense of swagger. I should not have been inconsiderate enough to divulge these details like an insecure braggart. I can plead guilty of sharing stories, but never photos that they sent to me in confidence, nor their names. I have never objectified women. I may have stored the images on google drive… there was no organized hoarding…away from the prying eyes of my girlfriend, but I have deleted them.” This post cannot be tracked anymore.

“This is nothing new to me. Since the time I was popular in the debating and MUN circuit, I have had multiple affairs, romantic liaisons. In 2016, I was physically restrained by 30 odd other students at Jadavpur University’s (engineering institute), who accused me of abusing my partner and being in an abusive relationship. One of the girls who have named me on social media, is someone I have known since we were both teenagers. The other is someone I met in college. I have cheated on both of them, but I am not proud of my actions. I have not committed any crime and whatever relationship I had with them, it was on mutual consent. I have images of women that have been sent to me on WhatsApp, but I have never circulated them.” This is what he further added while talking to media representatives.

This clearly portrays that there are innumerous such groups and more than that there are people with an infected mindset who commit such actions. These incidents raise a question on the morals and ethics and the lack of the voice inner conscience in people. One should always hold compassion and respect towards people around them.

~ Divya


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