The words’ local business’ do not mean the same after the internet came into being. While my local clothing store has been the go-to place for most of the people in my region, there is an absolute ease with which we have been able to expand online. Our local store is not locally available, but also online because of the Dukaan app.

We started this small clothing store many years ago to meet the demand for it in the area. Back when we started, we were one of the only stores in the region. Be it any occasion, I found a swarm of people coming into our store.

Over time the rising world of e-commerce leads to a small dip in our sales. People found it much easier to stay at home and have their goods come to them than come to the store. While the store still flourished, the sense of community shopping was starting to die. For the people who came into the store, we found out that they continue coming to us for our trusted name.

At this point, I realized that we still have an advantage. We just needed to find a way to make this process more effective and beat the e-commerce market with their only disadvantage. At this point, one of my kids introduced me to Dukaan App. In a couple of months, my local store was hardly local.

What Is It About Selling Online?

The retail market still sees some levels of doubt when it comes to the online world. Many people do not prefer costly clothes online since the fit, and the style is fundamental to see in person. This is the reason many people still come to the store. But there are often times when a new collection or a new trend will take the market by storm. In such a case, they would just like to order and let the products come home.


Using the Dukaan App, I was able to put my whole store online. We made categories and sub-categories to help the people find these items online. We only stuck to clothing that would be feasible for online shopping, like socks, sportswear, caps, etc. We noticed that once people found that they can buy from us, they spread the word to their friends.

In this way, we were getting orders from all across the city. The application lets you manage your record and catalog seamlessly, and we can send it through Whatsapp to all our potential users. It links with WhatsApp for business and helps us take orders on the go.

We make sure to deliver this order in the fastest time possible and encourage our users to share our store-link to other people in their friends’ circle. In the last six months, we have seen many users who used to come to the store, now using our app. Especially during the time of festivals and occasions, people who purchase in bulk find it very easy to place the order on this app.

Dukan has made it possible to find a meeting point between the trust of our local store and the convenience of online shopping. At first, we were very skeptical about this transition, but now it seems like a smart choice that I wish I had made many years ago.

Selling Clothes Online

There have been a few advantages of selling online that I only noticed after making my way into this world. The first is the speed at which I’m able to fulfilll consumer needs. This would not have been possible without a practical application like Dukaan.

The second and prominent change is that I’m no more local business. My sales are now wider than I could imagine. Instead of opening a second store, I’m focusing my energy on improving this online network. This is easy for my business as well as the user.

Final Thoughts

At first, I was the kind of person who would not trust online markets. I always considered that it was an ecosystem unstable for sleeping wearables. But then I have found out that with proper planning and good inventory management -anything is possible.

A platform like Dukaan is easy to use and can be learned quickly with just the working knowledge of mobile phones. It is a must-try app for any person wishing to grow their business in the retail world.


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