Life of Outstation Students in Delhi


Studying at Delhi University has been a dream that we have been dreaming ever since we were kids.

Delhi University is known as a culture melting pot where students from different states of country come together under one roof with an idea of getting freedom, the thrill of college life, meeting new people and experiencing life on their own terms. The vast majority of students here are from different states. You’ll have many perks and will have to face many struggles at the same time. So, Here’s how your life as an out stationed fresher during this unfamiliar phase would be :

1. Not-So-Good-Food

Yes, It’s the truth, acknowledged by everyone, that an out stationed student is not going to get good food and they are going to be hungry, always xD

2. Empty bank accounts and wallets.

You’ll be really happy at the beginning of each month and it’d seem enough till the last days of the month strike but by 25th of each month, You’ll be left with chillars and no balance left in your bank accounts.

3. You’ll be independent at the same time!

Moving to a new place for your higher studies obviously means that you’ll have to take charge of your own life. You will also have to take care of your finances and use them economically. Being independent brings forth your maturity and at the end of the DU tenure, Most of you will definitely be smart.

4. You’ll be one of those pyjama people at college!

You would not be getting it right now but when you’ll join college, You’ll see that no one really cares about what you wear. And thus, you’ll eventually start doing the same. And wearing pyjamas at college will sound really cool to you.

5. No need to get up early from bed.

Yes, You’ll get up at 8:20 AM to attend the lectures from 8:40 and you’ll be making it to college for attending the lectures at time, too.

6. Studying at DU will also be about leaving home.

You would not realise it right now but the fact is that the first year of college do not just involve going away to college but it is also about leaving home. All in all, life is not easy for an outstation student. You have got all the reasons to be proud of yourself.

All the best for this unknown phase of life, Freshers.

– Deepak Kumar


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