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There must be sundris in your college’, this is the first thing that strikes to the mind when people hear the name Mata Sundri college. It’s an off campus college which lies in the heart of Delhi. Barakhamba and ITO are nearby metro stations that makes easier for students to travel. Life here is a mix of various colours and indeed you’ll never get bored except during lectures. College is full of some special qualities that are seen rarely in any other college.

1) Big Canteen

Canteen is the must visit for a girl in her daily routine not only for food but fun activities also. As everyone is very well aware of foodie nature of the girls and their fond of pasta, chole bhature and everyone’s favorite Chilli Potato. With these mouth-watering recipes one can satisfy their pots but can’t satisfy their willingness. Those Punjabi songs plays by Sardarji are equally like by girls as they like their lipsticks and eyeliners.

2) Library

As students never easily get interested in reading books but the centrally localized air-conditioned library of the college is one of the specialty of the college that magnetize the students to read as they can feel relieved from the heat outside. One can easily get any book related to any topic, that I must say is the sarcastically second specialty of college’s library. As it is girls college that’s why it also become the gossiping centre. Yes sometimes librarian interferes but still somehow they can manage their task.

3) Auditorium

Huge, spacious and air conditioned Auditorium is one of the best place in the college. Various events and programs are organised on the regular basis and everyone is very well aware that how much talented girls are in these cultural activities that makes the college environment more wonderful.

4) Masti point

The heart of Delhi – Connaught Place is the Masti point for the students and most probably the bunking point too. One can say half students are there at college and another half is here at CP. Girls take the beauty of this place to another level. Another is Maggie Point at Barakambha. You can’t find a single empty chair there. No one can imagine the popularity of this place.

5) Gurudwara

There is a Gurudwara sahib in the college. Girls pray in the Gurudwara before attending the lectures. It’s the only place where one can get peace of mind and feels relaxed. Those ‘langars’ that are organized by college at different occasions attract all the foodies of the college.

6) Common Room

Common room or we can say the rest room is a place in the college where girls can relax themselves from the boring lectures and also play games like ludo, carom etc. Moreover this place is a secret of all the girls’ gossips on various topics of WORLDWIDE.

7) Infrastructure

Though this is an off campus college, its infrastructure gives a tough competition to most of the colleges of North campus and South campus.

8) Outside the college

Usually people have common perception that guys roam outside Girls College to check out the girls. But this college got a different side or we can say a bad luck to some extent, for some girls. One can find only Kulche waala bhaiya, Ice cream waala bhaiya outside the college and not those handsome hunks who attract girls. Wait girls can also be attracted by kulche wala bhaiya as well!!

9) Fashion Mania

Well fashion and girls these two are most inter related topics. You can find girls in any kind of dress. If you want to know what is trending today and what was trending two decades ago one have to observe the girls’ fashion.

10) Different activities

NCC and NSS are two activities in which girls participate in full enthusiasm. And activities of Giddha Society of the college have no alternate ever.

– Payal Singh


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