Life at Satyawati College


When you hear this name you are like “Dude , where on the earth it is ?” I know this college is not much known by everyone reading this. Satyawati College is located in Ashok Vihar near the largest mandi of Delhi , Azadpur mandi. It is just few minutes away from north campus. This college has evening shift too. Life may be not happening here like the north campus but there is a lot about this college that make satyawatians love it.

The Auditorium

“Bhai, Audi ke bahar hu”. I am not talking about the luxurious audi car . Auditorium of this college is something that students boast about. It is well maintained and yes, AC does work. It can totally gives you the feel of a cinema theatre. You will even find students saying ,” Yaar Audii to hamara hi best hai”.


Not so bad infrastructure

Yes , this college may not have good infrastructure like Miranda house or Hindu but is still far more better than other colleges. The college is divided into old building and new building. New building is well maintained than old  building but recent renovation has almost changed the face  of the college. From computer lab to library and seminar room  everything is upto the level of satisfaction. In the recent event the Principal even talked about starting lifts for the blind students in the coming year.It seems like work is in progress.

  Fashion variation

Once you enter in the college you will find each and every type of student. Satyawati has variation in stock. From sarojini’s cloth to zara and mango one can find everything here. From “ isi se kaam chala lunga to bhai, adidas hi chahye”, boys too have their own swag. You can find  girls wearing suit salwar, shorts, kurti, jeans and crop tops. From the well dressed to the carefree one every type of fuccha is present here. Fashion here has no limits.  The north eastern crowd has its own charm.

Pandit Ji ke parathe

Yes , you read that right. Forget dominos and MC donalds when you can have variety of parathas at panditji ke parathe in less than 100 bucks. They not only serve parathe but the menu has a lot to serve. This place is like paradise for  satyawatians. Yes the place is  little bit unhygienic but who cares when your taste buds love the food.



Different societies

College is just not about books and exams. Every college has its own societies that add beauty to it. This college too has different societies. Each and every  society is active and they  keep organizing different type of competitions and events.Evening and morning shifts have their own societies. From art and culture to photography , dramatics and debating each one of them add value to the college.  Enactus and leaders for tomorrow of this college are  on their way to touch the sky.

Diversity in crowd

It is very well known that Delhi University has students from across the world. Satyawati’s crowd too has diversity. From Bihar to North east region one can see different colours of India here. You can even find students from Nepal.

Punjabi, haraynvi, hindi , english and nepali talk in any language you feel comfortable with.

The not so Big STAR Fest

They may not witness SRK , Diljit Dosanj and Farhan Akhtar in their own college . But their fest are not less happening . Milind Gaba , Raftaar and Hardy Sandhu can also  make them groove.


Hungry ???? lets go to canteen . You can eat anything here from idli dosa to chowmin , macroni, chole bhature, samosas and many more. Canteen here is pocket friendly , everything is under 50 bucks.

NO place to hang out ..

There are not much places to hangout near this college. One can find adidas, reebok, aurelia  showrooms for shopping but surely not for hangout. Yes one can eat at Sagar Ratna and Apni Rasoi but students believe in option. NSP is the nearest hangout place if you want to try billu ka pasta and much more. Otherwise Hudson lane is just a blink away.

Election Time

I don’t feel like I have to write about this because “Politics sikhni hai to Satyawati aao”. The only time when juniors get to know their seniors. You get see so many new faces around  who never turn to college. From election campaign to Dhol Nagada you enjoy  every bit of it. You almost feel like a celebrity when everyone around in the campus starts calling you mam / sir and wants to shake hands with you and you literally behave like             superstars  by ignoring them.     Free parties and free food , who would not love it. Everything in election time is fun to watch.

Accept it or not life is not only happening in north campus.  Actually, every college has its own song that only the students belonging to it can sing.

By- Ekta Yadav


  1. yes, i was the student of satyawati college eve. its my pleasure that i was member of such this institution. my college life was memoriable.


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