Situated in the ravishing and mesmerizing lawns of flora and fauna, Indraprastha College for Women is the oldest girls college of Delhi University. It is situated in Civil Lines area with lavish greenery and has good connectivity through metro via yellow line. Its charm of being near the north campus and diversity of students make the college life much exploring and lively.

Marking one of the most beautiful campuses of Delhi University in its shell, IP College is full of vibrancy with its ample variety of flowers and species making one fall in love with it. The famous alumni such as Meira Kumar, Ambika Soni, Sucheta Kriplani itself prove it to be an honour to be associated with the college.

The life of a IP College student includes:-

1. Discussions and meetings – Being a top liberal arts institution, students will discover un-shielding their potential through intellectual awakening which is common in the campus. Discussions, different opinions on various topics will help you open your vision towards unfolded topics.

2. Historical Essence – This college has a history of feminism and patriotism and thus you will always find the atmosphere connected with ignition to talk on liberal and any sort of thoughts.

3. Wall Climbing Area – The selfies and the club meetings has its own aura near the wall climbing area and the famous ‘Tila’ of the college. The chit-chats and the clumsy look of the seniors during meetings is the most adorable thing you will find during your IP college life.

4. Canteen Candid – The amazing food served in the canteen is the comfort food and the best alternative to the hostel stuff for non-delhities. The chole bathure and the shakes lift you up in the scorching heat of Delhi.

5. Beautiful Campus – Being a botanical paradise, life becomes much soothing to sit in the campus for hours and smell its fragrance with the soft humming of birds and species. The fresh scent of the sand during rain and the hot tea makes it non-other than a perfect hill station vacation.

6. Societies Style – The various IP College’s famous extra curricular societies like Afroza, Mridang, Croydon, Women development cell etc. gives the students their own personal space for their hobbies and social life. The exposure and interaction in society help the students to come out of their comfort zone and learn something new.

7. Aloo Tikki at its best – The unforgettable delicious ‘Aloo Bun Tikki’ outside the college is a must visit a place of the college and a relief from the daily normal food. It’s the main source of attraction for all students of this college.

8. Non-Academics -Marking to its shell, the only college in DU to possess a swimming pool, makes the student’s life exciting through its swimming pool, gymnasium, badminton courts, dancing halls and so on.

9. Delightful months – The best time of the year to visit college is of July-September as the college is in its full springs of monsoon with alluring peacocks and green life. It’s not beauty without a reason.

10. Fest Time -The fest season brings a chill, excitement and new power with its wonderful performances, star nights, DJ nights, various heart-throbbing competitions and last but not the least food stalls with finger-licking food.

11. Class and stuff – The architecture of the college can leave anybody spellbound with ita cool and airy classrooms. The ambience of the college makes every moment pleasurable and worth remembering.

12. Print vale bhaiya – The famous printout shop is the much-needed relief especially during exam time when pampering the notes of the subject is the only solution.

13. Front Lawn Time – Sitting in front lawns before the classes, after the classes and during the classes is the rescue for such long studies bang. The fun and laugh and enjoyment with the friends are incomparable with the hard heaty studies. APJ Abdul Kalam once said, ‘ Sometimes it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because now when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do’.

14. Eco-friendly campus – The college has credited the no plastic use in the campus award in its account for being eco-friendly.

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15. Ranking – IP College secured 13th rank in commerce stream in India’s Today’s Ranking and has been among top institutions in commerce and arts from a long time.

16. Placement Cell – The placement cell of the college is the most promising cell as it helped a number of students secure jobs in reputed companies with the highest package of around 13 lakhs gone last year.

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Lastly, the famous line explained by all IP College girls to every person a number of times is, ‘This is IP College, DU wala not IP University’.

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~ Rakshita Aggarwal


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