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Enactus is an internationally recognized community   where students, academics and business leaders work together for the betterment of underprivileged people using entrepreneurial action to transform their lives. They are working with around 20 colleges of Delhi University, giving directions not only to lives of deprived people but also show path to students who have potential to help society.  If you are not a member of Enactus , then read the following and be the part of it.

1. Give insight of corporate world

Being a member of Enactus, you learn an ability to apprehend the business tips and inner activities of the real corporate world.  Here, members strive to make change through creating sustainable business models with the help of their mentors.  Enactus establishes student programs like training sessions, workshop on campuses which impart deep knowledge of entrepreneurship to students.

2. Evolve Skills and Qualities

Enactus act as favorable juncture of professionalism in life of many students. Through workshop and training sessions Enactus help students to develop their communication skills, business skills and redress their personality hence transforming their approach and ideas toward goal.

3. Training of networking

 Enactus teach how to establish network with world. Public relation is one of the most cost-effective methods for businesses to raise awareness and advertise and even help to capitalize on process through fund and guidance from clients and other organizations. Concisely, networking opens the door of opportunities.

4. Contribution & Experience

Being a part of Enactus, a quality of selfless and socially responsible is endued. Students are indoctrinated with the idea of empowering a community in need.  Students come up with ideas and business models that can contribute to the underprivileged section of society. The experience gained while working with Enactus not only teach corporate and social values but also give immense pleasure of being useful to society.

5. Adorn Resume

Highlighting your resume with the experience of working with ‘Enactus’ which is very well recognized in corporate world, will surely increase your demand and help you to land at desired position.

6.Exposure from competitions

National competitions are organized by Enactus where students can unmask their ability of transforming lives and progress they have made though entrepreneurial action.  Enactus teams compete across 36 countries where the quality and impact of their projects is appraised by business leaders serving as judges. Witnessing such event give a colossal exposure and learning experience.

   By-  Anushikha Chaudhary


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