Law Students of DU 2024 Sue University Over Poor Infrastructure

Law Students of DU
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Law Students of DU Sue University Over Poor Infrastructure

Delhi University:- Law students of DU sue the university over poor infrastructure, seeking better facilities and basic amenities.

• Three law students of DU (Delhi University) have taken legal action against their university after facing severe health issues.

• They suffered from heatstroke and typhoid, allegedly due to the poor infrastructure and drinking water facilities on campus.

Key Highlights

1. Petitioners and Advocates: The law students of DU, Ronak Khatri, Ankur Singh Mavi, and Umesh Kumar, are not only the petitioners but also their advocates in this case.

2. Initial Actions: On May 2nd, they protested on campus and handed a letter to their dean, which went unanswered. Further appeals to the Delhi Students’ Welfare and Delhi University Students Union also failed.

3. Escalation of Issue: On May 15th, they protested in front of the vice-chancellor’s building. Ronak Khatri fainted during a class in May due to heatstroke, which intensified their plea.

Legal Proceedings

• High Court Order: The Delhi High Court, during the second hearing on June 12th, appointed advocate Rajesh Mishra as amicus curiae. He will be helping in resolving the issue.

• Court’s Direction: The court directed a meeting. Delhi University’s dean of students’ welfare, the dean of the Faculty of Law, petitioner Ankur Singh Mavi, and the amicus curiae will be present. The discussion will focus on the provision of water coolers or purified drinking water. Also on other infrastructural issues, including Wi-Fi services.

Infrastructural Issues

Classroom Conditions: The law students of DU highlighted that classrooms lack proper air conditioning. Building 1 has no air conditioners. Buildings 2 and 3 have non-functional air conditioning. It makes it unbearable during peak summer when temperatures reach up to 48°C.

• Poor Construction: Building 3 is constructed with makeshift materials. Tin roofs and asbestos-lined walls are used. It was here that Khatri fainted.

Law students of DU

Health Concerns

Heatstroke and Typhoid: Khatri and Mavi suffered from heatstroke. Kumar contracted typhoid on May 9th after drinking water from a cooler on campus.

• Water Issues: The law students of DU have faced water issues for the past 1.5 years. They mentioned that during winters, they could manage without much water, but summer classes intensified the problem.

Law students of DU Protesting

• Petition: Nearly 3,000 law students of DU signed an online petition highlighting the poor infrastructure.

Unity Among Students: Despite the fear of repercussions, the students united to fight for their fundamental rights. Kumar emphasized that no institution can stop them from raising their voices for the right cause.

Stakeholder Meeting

Court’s Mandate: The court ordered that the meeting should take place within a week. It should include all necessary parties like the Bar Council of India (BCI).


• Ongoing Legal Battle: The law students of DU continue their legal battle. It is to ensure better infrastructure and basic facilities at their university.

• Next Hearing: The next hearing in the case is scheduled for July 4th.


• The law students of DU, fighting for better infrastructure, have faced severe health issues due to inadequate facilities.

• Their persistent efforts led to a high court order for a stakeholder meeting to address the issues.

• The next steps will determine if the university takes significant action to improve conditions for its students.


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