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School is a joy box that encompasses innumerable memories for all of us. We meet different kinds of people but the most interesting and extraordinary ones are backbenchers. Everyone wonders what these last bencher teenagers do and why teachers and professors are so skeptical of them. Last Benchers holds tales, some of which spreads around the school campus while some passes out with those last benchers and remain untold forever. Last benchers do not only rule the last benches rather they are the emperors of their territory and are known for their awesomeness.

It is hard to explain the philosophy of last benchers but if you can connect yourself with these points, you were also the last bencher of your school realm. Backbencher is not just a title but an emotion to many which define joy, memories, and most importantly bond between the friends. While everyone in the class was busy making notes and completing the syllabus, backbenchers were busy creating memories. When everyone else was busy learning and trying to excel in their exams, the last benchers were busy in excelling their lives. Backbenchers are the one who sleeps during the lectures but they dream with their eyes open.

Schools have always been an incredible experience for every one of us but if you were a backbencher during your school days, there are likelihoods of you being in a league compared to the rest of the students. Backbencher is not just a title but is kind of a reputation and status, it is some kind of authority that a backbencher cherishes.

Being a backbencher may not help you to get good grades but definitely the best memories. The memories that stay in your heart and serve as a reward for your entire lifetime. After all the last benchers of the world have done various wonders.


Everyone always persuades you to achieve good grades and be a disciplined child that sits on the first bench. But here are the best reasons to be a backbencher. Reasons to persuade you why being a backbencher is something more than awesome.


1) Last benchers are inclined to grab more attention from the teachers, class fellows, and all the other persons passing from the outside of their classroom

Teachers and professors are constantly suspicious about these last benchers but they omit to notice the creativity of these last benchers. Everyone in the class keeps fewer hopes from the backbenchers and this way they don’t have pressure to fulfill their hopes and to prove themselves. Backbenchers take their journey with ease as per their wishes.

The best part of being backbencher is that you live your life according to your rules and preferences. The teachers already know that there is no point in repeatedly poking out backbenchers for answering the question or in scolding them. So they get used to your behavior and you get kind of indirect support from your teachers. Also, backbenchers are the one who takes responsibility to entertain the entire class, so whenever fun time takes place backbenchers are the gleaming stars.

2) Backbenchers get the proper view of the class

After the teachers, it is the backbencher who can keep an eye on every student’s activities. A teacher might don’t know what is going on in the class but a backbencher keeps note of every information and activity going on in the class. Certainly, backbencher knows it all. Backbenchers enjoy more than everyone else sitting in front of them.


3) Backbenchers are the all-rounders of all the extracurricular activities where studies can be an exception

Backbenchers are always ready for extracurricular activities. Be it a sports period or physical training they are the first ones to reach the ground with their enormous enthusiasm. Sports, dance, musical instruments, or singing, they have a stronghold on any of these activities.


4) Cool – Classy Backbenchers


There is something that distinguishes backbenchers with the rest of the class. They are cool, classy and the chill persons of the class. Be it their clothes, their hairstyle, or the manner in which they conduct their actions reflects the next level “Swag” of backbenchers. Ribbed Jeans, puffy hairs, carefree accent, guts to put their point forward can be named as a few characteristics of these backbenchers. Apart from this, they are happy persons who always stay cheerful and full of energy. If you are a backbencher, you are definitely cool.


5) The backbenchers can do everything they wish to do even during a lecture

The backbenchers prefer to sit on the last seats of the class even when the first seats are vacant. As if backbenches are their entitled territories. Sitting at the last benchers and secretively listening to music, completing some other subject’s homework or assignment is possible only at the last benches. The backbenchers hold the guts to take naps or eat their lunchbox during the ongoing lectures. When it comes to cheating in exams or tests they always wish to be seated on the last benches. Opening slips during an ongoing exam have never been a big deal for backbenchers. Last benchers have their own benefits of sitting at the last benches of the classroom.


6) The term ‘Silence’ does not exist for them

source: collegeduniya

A silent classroom where all the students are carefully listening to the teachers exists only in imaginations. Silence can not be felt but the word silence can be often heard in the teacher’s scolding while she’s requesting last benchers to be quite. That’s when our entertaining backbenchers come into the picture to prompt us what real fun is. When teachers call the class a fish market, they are the actual fisherman selling fishes in the class or we can say causing a disturbance and making noises. No doubt if a teacher gets a heart/panic attack during the class, the backbenchers will be the reason for it.


7) Who needs a notepad when you have a desk?

source : quora

Last benchers desks are like an open notebook. Last benchers usually don’t leave their desks clean, the desks will be scribbled all over with the mysteries and secrets of the class and also funny cartoon sketches of the teachers. And also their crush’s names. They literally write their names on the desks and prove that yes the desk belongs to me because my name is written over it. Be it a tic-tac-toe game or any other, it’s there on the desk.


8) Backbenchers have a solution for every problem except studies

source: scoopwhoop

Be it a  sports event or school’s annual function, the backbenchers will be the first one to take responsibility and put in their efforts. They are one’s who looking after if the ground is maintained and arrangements are done appropriately or not. They are the first ones who anyway stood up if there is anything happening around them. Be it sports or any other extracurricular activity or any cultural event, the backbenchers are always there to make their schools or institution proud of them. They may not be the scholars but they are definitely the achievers.


9) Last benches teach a lot more than just Bookish Knowledge


Last benches teach us to be alert and attentive while you di your work. Doing your assignments and tests at the last minute enables us in dealing with the last-minute pressure. Last benches do teach us how to maintain a friendship even during hard times. When teachers threw your friend outside the class, it makes you do an annoying thing so that you are also thrown out of the class to accompany him. It teaches that scoring good grades does not always give you real happiness. It teaches you to love and introduces you with the feeling of love when you sit beside your crush. Last benches don’t teach you just one rather many life lessons and provide you tips to live a happy life.


10) The last benches eventually turn out to be the gossip spots of the classroom

The last benches are probably the gossip spots for the last benchers. The place where all the pranks are planned and brought into action, the place where the whole crew including the friends from other sections meets during the lunch hour, the place where mimicry of teachers is one of the happening topics. It is certainly the best place for the last benchers where they have fun during the school days while making memories.


11) Last Benchers are more popular than toppers of the class


Students may not be aware of who is the topper but they do recognize the last benchers. Last benchers hold stardom of their own. They are popular, crazy, happy, friendly and open-minded persons who are friends with half of the school. Be it a junior section or a senior section they have their contacts everywhere. They are good at solving problems and knows the art of interacting with strangers. They have a huge number of friends and they concentrate on building qualities and memories. Even the teachers remember those notorious last benchers for a longer time than those first benchers. The amount of popularity and respect the last benchers earn during their school time is incredible.


12) Students who pass out with the best memories

source: musingsite

The last benchers are the ones who create the nicest memories of the time that lasts till eternity. They get to keep all the laughter, tear, heartbreak, letters, emotions forever in the form of memories. Their patents are the ones who used to be addressed for a longer time than any other parents. They are the ones who receive direct letters from their schools. Their parents are the ones who are often called in the schools to honor their kid’s activities. No matter what they did, they are the ones who miss their schools and the last benches the most. Names of the toppers are often inscribed in the school records but names of the last benchers are inscribed in the hearts.


Last benchers take away so any friends as well as the memories with them when they pass out. They hold the determination to do so many things when it comes to responsibility. And even they are always ready for an adventure. The life of the last bencher cannot be simple and boring. It will be filled with tales of adventure, fun, and ultimate entertainment. The worst and the hardest punishment for the last bencher is to sit on the first bench of the class.


Last benchers are the ones who can eat their food in an ongoing class without letting anyone know about it.


Last benchers are the ones who can duplicate the entirety of an assignment in an hour just before the submission starts. Last benchers are the ones who entertain the entire class and helps everyone to deal with a boring day.

Even Bill Gates says that if you want to pass a test, take suggestions from the last benchers. The last benchers entirely depend on the last moment study and they have faith in themselves. From the very start, they believe in themselves and utilize their potential to pass every test of life. They are the coolest people who do not worry about anything, be it semester exams, surprise tests, class tests, or anything. They have a territory of their own which no other can take away from them. It is common for the last benchers to be asked questions by the teachers in the class assuming that they were not attentive during the lesson. By chance, if they know the answer yo the question, it is definitely a proud moment for them. Not to forget it offers you the extra time to figure out things or questions when the teachers start checking the work from the first benches.

If you can relate to any of this, you are definitely a last bencher.  Be thankful for the freedom these back benches offered you as no other corner of the class would have made you enjoy so much and build so many memories. Be thankful for the bonds these last benches helped you build.


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