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DU Language Courses and Its Benefits.

DU offers part-time language courses. Pursuing one enhances and boosts employability skills of any individual. Furthermore, being bilingual is one of the most interesting decisions because firstly, an exposure to an entirely different culture sounds both compelling and engaging. Secondly, research arrives at conclusions wherein bilinguals are tagged smarter than unilingual.

Read the article below to unearth the benefits of studying foreign languages at DU, to know their admission process and other lesser-known facts.

1. Internationally Recognized

Any degree pursued from the University of Delhi is internationally recognized. The QS ranking, one of the most trusted ranking system for universities has placed Delhi University at 81st rank in Asia. The university is also ranked 39th amongst the universities in BRICS nation and 441st worldwide. Thus, your language degree belongs to a well-regarded university.

2. Cheap

Due to the funding it receives, Delhi University offers its varied courses at low cost. For example, pursuing French certificate course from Keshav Mahavidyalaya will cost one around INR 6000 only. After laying a good foundation on that language skill, one can also go for further certificate examinations. For instance, after pursuing French certificate course, one can approach Alliance Francaise to clear DELF level A1 exam and prove proficiency at the beginner’s level.

3. Best Faculty

Teachers at Delhi University are selected through a good interview process and that guarantees the maintenance of quality education. The profound and proficient lecturers deliver lectures that are indeed regular and insightful. Personally, learning French at KMV taught me how to pronounce the language so well since the faculty herself had lived in France in her life once.

4. Easy Admission Process

No DU Admission tests are required for entrance to certificate courses in foreign language. To take admission in the course, you need to scan the ‘notice’ section of websites of respective colleges in the months of June, July and August. Then you must report to the college and fill out a form with your passport size photograph, character certificate and your class 10th marks, class 12th marks and if applicable, your undergraduate degree marks. Then DU cut off lists are released.

In some colleges, students with scores higher than the cut off lists are eligible to apply for the seats. While in other colleges, Merit lists might be released. These contain the names of students arranged in the decreasing order of marks/grade. Students can apply for the seats when they notice their names in the merit lists. Around 2-3 merit lists may be issued depending on the availability of vacant seats.

5. Flexible Timing

Since many colleges offer language courses, they all differ in class timings of the same. Some colleges offer the class at 2:30, some at 3:30 for two hours thrice a week.

KMV offers the class at 7:30 to 9 in the morning, four days a week.  So you can pick the college according to the time of the class as well, provided, you clear their set eligibility benchmarks.

6. Pick your own college

Since Delhi university colleges are scattered all over Delhi, one can easily pick the college according to the geography factors. St Stephens College, one of the top DU Colleges, is a good option for someone looking forward to pursuing the course from north Delhi. Students from West Delhi can pick SPMC or Keshav Mahavidyalaya. Saving the valuable time in voyaging, college selection can also be done on the grounds of the fee. Fee for the same course varies from college to college.

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7. Exams do not clash with degree exams

One of the most common questions from students who are already pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree from Delhi University is if the exams clash. There are three exams for certificate course, Paper 1 tests grammar and comprehension, Paper2 tests writing skills and civilization and final paper tests the speaking and listening skills for the foreign language. This year, Paper 1 and 2 were held in the college you are enrolled in while the third paper was scheduled in a different college.

These exams and schedules are well wrapped up in 2nd week of April. This implies that the classes and examination for your certificate course will be over by the second week of April leaving you free to appear for your degree exams that happen in the month of May.

8. Opportunities for Extra-Curricular Activities

Delhi University has a rich campus life and hence extra-curricular activities are given equal priority. These opportunities are equally extended to students enrolled in certificate courses as well. For example, this year, students enrolled in French certificate courses were presented with an opportunity to participate in Confluence 18, a French day, organized at the faculty of arts in the month of March.

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Various competitions like essays, quiz, story building, singing, and cooking are organized which are open for participation by any student.

Are you convinced enough to pursue the course? Let us know

Language Courses Offered in Delhi University | How to Apply

~ Divya Singal


  1. I have completed my French certificate this year…. So could you please tell me the procedure of giving alliance francaise delf A1 exam

  2. I have completed my certificate course in German language from St Stephen’s.
    So can you please tell me where should I continue this language..DU or max mueller?

  3. hey there . my name is sanchit goyal . this message is just for info purpose . REGARDING ADMISSION FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE .. i have a doubt as i have graduated in 2017 and done my 12th in 2014 with 94.75 marks best of four. and i have no knowledge of french but want to learn the language… do you know what are the disadvantages for me i mean regarding cutofff and all : and what is the time period for learning the french or japanese llanguage….

  4. Sir, I want to be learn French language.
    How can I apply and when will be? Please tell me sir.


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