Kota Factory Season 3: Most Awaited Realise, know About Release Date, Cast, Download

Kota factory season 3
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Kota Factory Season 3: Most Awaited Release, know About Release Date, Cast, Download

The most awaited release is here, Kota Factory season 3 dates are released. The Kota Factory series has been emotional for students, teachers, as well as parents as it depicts the real emotions and journeys of many students. Kota Factory’s earlier seasons were proven to be a blast and we all were eagerly waiting for the next part to release. Know about Kota Factory Season 3 release date, Kota Factory Season 3 Cast, how to download, etc.

Kota factory season 3
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Overview of  the series Kota Factory: Season 1, Season 2

Kota Factory Season 3 is a Hindi-Indian show, which is well choreographed by Saurabh Khanna, directed by Raghav Subbu, and produced by Arunabh Kumar. The series is shot in Kota, Rajasthan to show true emotions. The series depicts the journey of a middle-class boy who struggles to get a seat at the IIT, highly highly-ranked college in India.

The Kota Factory series displays friendship, struggle, emotion, bond with the teacher, and health issues caused by leaving away from parents. The Kota Factory series was a hit because it shows all the real scenarios that a student faces in Kota.

The aim behind the series is to create awareness and spread positivity across the world about the education system. As we hear a lot of depression cases, students commit suicide when they are unable to secure a stable position to get a seat in a reputed college.

Kota Factory S3 Cast
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Response of people about the Kota Factory season 1, 2

The Kota fFactoryseries was praised by everyone for the Comey drama and true emotions. Let us discuss the previous two series to have a better idea about the Kota Factory Season 3.

Kota Factory Season 1

Kota Factory season 1, released in 2019, displays the effort of Vaibhav to get into the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Vaibhav came to Kota in the middle of the academic year and thus faced a lot of difficulties in getting admission to the top batches and coaching. As he was late he faced a lot of difficulties in catching the data and meeting the teacher’s requirements.

As he was unable to match and score well in the exams he started feeling depressed, at that face he met with a lot of friends who helped him to score well in the coaching exams and get a seat at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), they encouraged and boosted him. This series was shot in a black-and-white theme which gathered the interest and attention of people.

In season 1, he faced a lot of problems like food, water, and sitting hours, which later got solved by his friends. Vaibhav was unable to study for a long duration which he expressed with his friends, his friends tried everything they could do but all in vain. Later, he stated his problem to Jeetu Bhaiya, by listening to his solution he was able to study for a long duration.

With all the help and support of their friends and Bhaiya, Vaibhav started getting good marks and scores. He started preparing for a well-reputed coaching that was Maheswari classes. Due to his hard work, he cleared the entrance exam of Maheshwari classes and got selected in the A3 batch.

Kota factory season 3
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Kota Factory Season 2

Vaibhav due to his hard work cleared the entrance exam of Maheswasri class and got batch A3, where he met a nervous student of batch A9 that is shutout and they became friends, Vaibhav was able to connect to him as he was the same when he was unable to secure good marks and was not able to secure positions in the class.

At Maheswasri classes, Vaibhav did not like the physics faculty explaining skills but liked the chemistry part which he did not like in the previous coaching class. In Prodigy, physics was being taught by Jeetu Bhaiya which was top-notch notch whereas, in Maheswasri’s class, the physics faculty just used to write the content on the whiteboards and students unwillingly copied it down in the copy, which Vaibhav did not like.

Vaibhav searched for Jeetu Bhaiya and after some time, Vaibhav came to know that Jeeta Bhaiya had left the Prodigy Institute and was trying to build his own Institute, which he was able to do with the help of his friend, who is a big investor. Vaibhav shared his feelings with Jeetu Bhaiya about the physics classes and shared his feeling that he wants to learn physics from him only.

Vaibhav tried to attend physics classes from Jeetu but was caught by the guard, vaibhav expressed his feelings to his physics teacher and Mr. Maheswasri that he wants to learn physics from Jeetu Bhaiya. Mr. Maheswasri after listening to him agreed to allow him to go and learn physics from Jeetu Bhaiya.

At the same time, Meena was not attending any classes, which was a shock to all. Shivangi got to know the issue and discussed it with Vaibhav, Meena was addicted to masturbation and was guilty and ashamed to attend the classes, which later was addressed and solved by Jeetu Bhaiya.

During the preparation time, Vaibhav was affected by jaundice due to which he was unable to focus on his studies. Jeetu bhaiya advised him to call his mother as she will take care of him which will make him fit soon.
The last episode shows the celebration of people when the result is declared, which takes them to their dreams in the future. Students who got selected for the college were celebrating and dancing which encouraged them to practice harder to occupy a seat.

Kota factory season 3
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Kota Factory series:  Kota Factory Season 3

The wait for Kota Factory Season 3 is over, we all waited a long to get the news regarding the same. Kota Factory Season 3 will show the story that was left in the previous seasons and will continue with that part.

The ionic Kota factory will be shown on Netflix, the cast crew will be the same, and maybe more additional characters will be there. Kota Factory Season 3 character will be shown up in a bit more mature and grown-up way.

Kota Factory season 3 cast

Kota factory season 3 cast, all played a crucial role, their acting skills are on top and they all are praised for their pure acting by the audience.

Main character, here is the list of the main characters of Kota Factory season 3, let us take a look at that

• Mayur More – the main lead was Vaibhav Pandey, this role was played by the mayur more.

• Ranjan Raj – Balmukund Meena, played the role of Vaibhav’s friend, who encouraged him in every step.

• Alam Khan –  Uday Gupta, a least cared person about the preparation but ready to help friends at every step.

• Jitendra Kumar – Jeetu Bhaiya played the role of faculty in the coaching classes, his classes were famous all around.

• Ahsaas Channa –  Shivangi Ranawat, girlfriend of Uday Gupta was a NEET aspirant and was serious about her studies.

• Revathi Pillai – Vartika Ratawal, the crush of Vaibhav, studied together to achieve Heights.

• Urvi Singh as Meenal Parekh

Kota factory season 3
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Side roles, list of some of the characters who played a significant role in the Kota factory seasons

• Naveen – has been seen as Dhruv in the season.

• Vipul Singh – played the role of Mahesh, and took interviews.

• Rohit Sukhwani – has been seen as Rohit in the Kota factory series.

• Arun Kumar – Arun Kumar has been seen as Deepak in the series.

• Harish Peddinti – played the role of Bablu in the Kota factory series.

• Sanyam Bafna – has been seen as Aayush in the seasons of Kota factory.

• Loveleen Mishra –  has played the role of PG Aunty of Vaibhav

• Jasmeet Singh Bhatia – played the role of chemistry teacher as Parminder sir.

• Shivankit Singh Parihar – has been seen as Awasthi sir in the series.

• Gaurav Mishra – played the role of Batla sir in the seasons of Kota Factory.

• Visshesh Tiwari – has been seen as Piyush in the series.

• Jyoti Gauba  – played the role of mother, and has been seen as Vaibhav’s mother.

• Amitabh Krishna Ghanekar – played the role of Vaibhav’s father in the series.

• Saurabh Khanna – has a significant role, played the role of Vice Principal Mehta in the series.

• Deepak Kumar Mishra – has done the role of Autowala at the staring of the series.

• Sameer Saxena – played the role of Maheshwari sir of the Maheshwari Coaching Institute.

• Vaibhav Thakkar- has been seen as the friend of Vaibhav, Shushrut Patel.

• Abhaya Sharma – played the role of Vernali in the seasons of Kota factory.

• Rajesh Kumar – has been seen as Gagan Rastogi in the Kota factory series.

Kota Factory season 3  characters evolution

In an interview, they mentioned that characters will be shown in a mature and grown-up way, the bond friends will be changed and many new relationships will be grown among them. In the interview, they said that the maturity level will increase but the struggle for studies will be the same. In the Kota Factory Season 3, one major change is that their favorite jeetu Bhaiya will not be with them, he has moved somewhere else. Let us know the evolution of each character


the role of Meena will be shown maturely, as in season 2 they show the masturbation addiction of Meena which he was ashamed of. Meena in the series belongs to a city where about these things people do not talk about. The role of Meena will be of a 12th-class student, whereas in season 2 he was an 11th-standard student.

Alam Khan

as in the previous seasons, Alam Khan was not that serious and interested in their studies but in this season he will be seen as more focused on the academic part. Alam Khan in the interview said that I evolved a lot back in 2019 and will pay more attention to the goals.

Kota Factory Season 3 trailer

The official trailer of Kota Factory season 3 is out on YouTube. The trailer was launched a few days ago and has a lot of views and likes which shows the love and interest of people towards season 3. The trailer is trending at position 36 on YouTube.

From the trailer, it can be seen the frustration of students to achieve success and rank. The bonds have seen change, and the maturity level has changed. Jeetu Bhaiya has created a new Institute named Aimers where he treats his students like small brothers and sisters, he expressed why he became Jeetu Bhaiya, not Jeetu sir.

The rise of jeetu bhaiya was there because all others treated students as aspirants but they forgot that the students were aged 15-16, had a lot of dreams and passion, and at the same time they got demotivated easily. At this age things affect, insult affects a lot, friends matter a lot and all these things can not be managed by Jeetu sir which he can handle by being Jeetu bhaiya.

The main character is seen as frustrated and traumatized as they are in 12th standard now, they are a batch who will attempt the exam of Indian Institute of Technology entrance exam this year. That is why they have much more pressure than in the previous seasons.

Kota Factory season 3 release date in India

Kota Factory season 3, will be released on 20 June 2024, and will release on the Netflix platform. Season 3 will be uploaded on Netflix on the 20, earlier seasons were released on YouTube.

Kota factory season 3
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Kota Factory Season 3 Download

The main question arises here, how to download the newly launched Kota Factory Season 3, here are some of the list of websites from where you can download Kota Factory Season 3 free


To download the whole series write “Kota Factory Season 3 filmyzilla” On the Google tab. You will get the link inside their website, With just a single tap on that you can get your most liked season of Kota Factory.


Another website form where you can download your season 3 of the most awaited show. To download it from mp4moviez, write Kota Factory Season 3 Mp4moviez on the Google tab, and get the link to download the whole series.

Social media handles of Kota factory cast

Here is the list of the social media handles of the season 3 cast

Ahsaas channa – ahsaasy

Alam khan – iamalamkhan

Mayur More – more of me 

Ranjan Raj – rranjanraj18

Revathi Pillai – revathi.05 

Jitendra Kumar – jitendrak1


Main scenarios of Kota Factory Season 3

The Kota Factory season 3 will also revolve around the group of friends like in the previous seasons. The main characters are seen as more desperate this year to crack the exam as this year they will be going to take the entrance exam.

The previous seasons have created a positive effect on the real aspirants of JEE and NEET students, students relate a lot with the fictional characters. The series finds a way to cure every problem in a certain way which encourages students.

Kota factory season 3
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Kota Factory Season 3, a mind-blowing series, is releasing on 20 June 2024. The series’ earlier parts were loved by the audience and the audience was eagerly waiting for the third party to come. The series will be displayed on the well-known platform that is Netflix, you can watch it there if you have a subscription of the same.

Kota Factory cast for Season 3 is the same as of Seasons 1 and 2, the main leads of Season 3 are ahsaas channa, Urvi singh, Jitendra Kumar, Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, these were the main leads.  If you want to download it free you can use Mp4moviez or filmyzilla to download the whole series.

Frequently asked questions about Kota Factory Season 3 (FAQs)

1. What is the Kota Factory Season release date?

Kota Factory’s season 3 release date is 20 June 2024, the season 3 will be displayed on the famous and well-known platform Netflix.

2. What about the cast of the Kota Factory Season 3?

The cast of Kota Factory season 3 is the same as the previous cast, Ahsaas Channa, Urvi singh, Jitendra Kumar, Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, and Alam Khan, these were the main leads.

3. On which platform Kota factory is releasing?

Kota Factory season 3 will be released on the platform Netflix.

4. Is the Kota Factory Season Trailer on YouTube?

Yes, the trailer of the Kota Factory is real on YouTube and is trending at position 36.

5. How to download a series from Filmyzilla?

To download the series free, use the platform filmyzilla, write Kota Factory Season 3 filmyzilla, to download from this website.

6. How to download a series from mp4moviez?

To download the series from mp4moviez, write Kota Factory season 3 mp4moviez and get the link there.

7. How did the characters evolve in season 3?

The characters evolved maturely, they all evolved their bond changed but the struggle for their studies remained the same.

8. How many seasons does the Kota factory have?

Kota Factory had prior 2 seasons but one more season is going to be released on 2 June. So Kota Factory has 3 seasons.

9. Is the Kota factory based on a real story?

Kota Factory is not based on real characters or stories but is based on the real struggles and passions of the students.

10 . Why the theme of the Kota factory is in black and white?

Kota factory was shot in a black and white theme to give a different and realistic view, which was loved and praised by the audience.

11. What was the aim of creating the Kota factory?

The main reason was to spread knowledge about the scenario and spread positivity between students and parents.

12. Where the Kota factory is shot in?

To give the series a realistic view the series is shot in Kota, Rajasthan.

13. Is the Kota factory a masterpiece?

Yes, Kota Factory is a masterpiece as it depicts the real condition of students and parents, a well-played and well-acted series.

14. Which coaching is shown in the Kota factory?

The Maheshwari classes are shown as the most aspiring coaching of the students, Mahesvari classes in real terms is Allen of Kota.


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