Kota Factory S3 Cast Revealed: Meet the Exciting Stars Bringing the New Season to Life!

Kota Factory S3 cast
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“Kota Factory” is a popular web series that shows the lives of students in Kota, a city famous for its coaching centres that prepare students for big exams like the IIT entrance. The show is loved for its true-to-life portrayal of the challenges and pressures faced by these students. The unique black-and-white filming and strong storytelling have made “Kota Factory” very popular. Read more to find out about the Kota Factory S3 cast.

 Story of the Series

The series follows Vaibhav, a young student who moves to Kota with the dream of passing the IIT entrance exam. It shows his struggles, friendships, and the academic pressure he faces. The story is both touching and motivating, giving a real look into the tough education system in India.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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Where to Watch

You can watch “Kota Factory” on Netflix. The first two seasons are available on the platform, and fans are excitedly waiting for the third season. Netflix offers a smooth viewing experience with high-quality streaming.

 Kota Factory Cast S3: Returning Members

Season 3 of “Kota Factory” brings back many familiar faces, ensuring a connection for the audience.

 Mayur More as Vaibhav Pandey

Mayur More continues to play the main character, Vaibhav Pandey. His performance is key to the show’s success, showing the details of a young student’s life in Kota. Vaibhav’s journey from a naive student to a more mature individual facing the realities of competitive exams is central to the series.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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 Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya

Jitendra Kumar returns as Jeetu Bhaiya, a favourite character. His role as a mentor to the students is now iconic. Kumar’s portrayal is both inspiring and relatable, showing an ideal teacher who is both strict and caring, guiding students through tough times.

Kota Factory S3 Cast
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 Ranjan Raj as Balmukund Meena

Ranjan Raj is back as Balmukund Meena. His character, a close friend of Vaibhav, adds depth to the story with his unique challenges. Meena’s character provides a different view of the Kota experience.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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Alam Khan as Uday Gupta

Alam Khan returns as Uday Gupta. Known for his humour and loyalty, his character provides comic relief in the intense story. Uday’s humour and easygoing nature balance the intense atmosphere of the series.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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Revathi Pillai as Vartika Ratawal

Revathi Pillai returns as Vartika Ratawal, Vaibhav’s love interest. Her character’s growth and interactions with Vaibhav are key parts of the story. Vartika is not just a love interest but also a strong, independent student with her challenges.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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Ahsaas Channa as Shivangi Ranawat

Ahsaas Channa returns as Shivangi Ranawat. Her character’s journey continues to grow, adding more complexity to the story. Shivangi’s role brings more depth and perspective to the student dynamics in the series.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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Urvi Singh as Meenal Parekh

Urvi Singh continues as Meenal Parekh. Her interactions and evolving storyline add much to the series’ emotional depth, showing a fuller picture of student life in Kota.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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 Kota Factory S3 Cast: New Members 

Season 3 brings in new faces, adding fresh elements to the story. The new cast members have been chosen carefully to keep the show’s authenticity and appeal.

 Harish Chhabra

Harish Chhabra is a new addition, playing a new instructor. His character is expected to bring new challenges and perspectives to the students, adding new dimensions to the story.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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Shweta Tripathi

Shweta Tripathi joins the cast as a guest lecturer. Her character will influence the students’ journey in unexpected ways, adding to the story’s development and complexity.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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Production Team

The production team behind “Kota Factory” has worked hard to ensure the series’ success. Raghav Subbu, the director, has been praised for his vision and execution, bringing out the best in the cast and the story. The writing team, led by Saurabh Khanna and Abhishek Yadav, continues to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking script.

Plot Expectations for Season 3

Season 3 is expected to explore more about the personal and academic lives of the characters. Fans can look forward to more drama, complex relationships, and insightful commentary on the education system. The series will continue to explore themes of ambition, friendship, and perseverance, highlighting the mental health challenges faced by students in a high-pressure environment.


 Fan Reactions and Excitement

The announcement of Season 3 has excited fans. They are eagerly waiting to see what happens next with the characters. The show’s realistic portrayal of student life and deep emotional stories have built high expectations for the new season.

Kota Factory S3 cast
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 Detailed Character Analysis

Vaibhav Pandey’s journey is central to the series, showing his growth from a naive student to someone who faces the tough realities of competitive exams. Jeetu Bhaiya’s role as a mentor is crucial, representing the ideal teacher who balances strictness with empathy, guiding students through their toughest times. Meena’s character offers a different perspective on the Kota experience with his unique challenges. Uday’s humour and light-hearted approach to life brings balance to the intense atmosphere of the series, while Vartika’s character is not just a love interest but also a strong, independent student dealing with her own set of challenges.

Production Insights

Making “Kota Factory” involves detailed planning and execution. The black-and-white filming is a unique feature, symbolizing the stark realities and pressures faced by the students. The series is filmed in Kota, adding authenticity to the portrayal of the students’ lives, with locations chosen to reflect the real environment.

Music and Soundtrack

The music of “Kota Factory” fits well with its story, enhancing the emotional and dramatic moments. Karthik Rao’s compositions add depth to the series, with the soundtrack being both inspiring and reflective, matching the series’ tone perfectly.

 Critical Acclaim

“Kota Factory” has received high praise for its realistic portrayal of student life. The series has been nominated for several awards, recognizing its excellent direction, writing, and performances. Audience reviews highlight the relatable and authentic nature of the series, with many viewers appreciating its honest depiction of the education system.

 Social Impact

“Kota Factory” has sparked conversations about the education system in India. It brings attention to the mental health issues faced by students, encouraging discussions and awareness. The series also highlights the need for educational reforms, prompting debates on how to improve the system and reduce the pressure on students.

 Behind the Scenes

Making “Kota Factory” involves a dedicated team working hard to bring the story to life. The writers spend months developing the script, ensuring it resonates with the audience and accurately reflects real-life experiences. The casting process is thorough, with auditions and careful selection to ensure each actor fits their role perfectly.

Actor Profiles

Mayur More, who plays Vaibhav, is known for his natural acting style, and his portrayal of a struggling student has won him much praise. Jitendra Kumar, aka Jeetu Bhaiya, is a versatile actor whose role in “Kota Factory” has made him a household name. Ranjan Raj, as Meena, brings a unique charm to the series, and his performance is heartfelt and authentic. Alam Khan, portraying Uday, is appreciated for his comedic timing and lively presence. Revathi Pillai’s performance as Vartika is both strong and nuanced, making her a favourite among fans.

Thematic Depth

One of the core themes is friendship, with the bonds between Vaibhav, Meena, and Uday being central to the story. The mentor-student relationship, especially between Jeetu Bhaiya and the students, highlights the importance of guidance and support. The series does not shy away from depicting the immense pressure and stress faced by the students, making it a realistic portrayal of their lives.

Audience Connection

“Kota Factory” resonates deeply with its audience, particularly students and parents. Many viewers find the situations and characters highly relatable, reflecting their own experiences. The emotional journeys of the characters leave a lasting impact, making viewers empathize with their struggles and triumphs.

 Educational Insights

The series offers valuable insights into the Indian education system. It explores the coaching culture in Kota, highlighting both its benefits and drawbacks. The depiction of student life in Kota is authentic, showing both the academic challenges and the personal struggles they face.

Cultural Impact

“Kota Factory” has had a significant cultural impact, especially in India. The series has helped change perceptions about the coaching industry and the pressures faced by students. It has inspired conversations about mental health and the need for a more balanced approach to education.

Future Prospects

The future of “Kota Factory” looks bright with the upcoming third season. Given its popularity, there is potential for spin-offs focusing on different characters or aspects of the Kota coaching culture. With a strong cast and crew, “Kota Factory” is expected to continue its success and remain a beloved series among fans.

 Fan Theories and Speculations

Fans have various theories and speculations about the upcoming season. Many are curious about Vaibhav’s journey and how he will handle increasing pressure. Speculations about Jeetu Bhaiya’s future and his continued impact on the students are common among fans.

Social Media Presence

The series has a strong social media presence, engaging with fans regularly. The official accounts of “Kota Factory” on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook keep fans updated with the latest news and behind-the-scenes content. Regular interactions, contests, and fan art features keep the fanbase engaged and excited for new developments.


The popularity of “Kota Factory” has led to the creation of various merchandise. Fans can buy T-shirts and hoodies featuring quotes and characters from the series. Notebooks, pens, and other stationery items inspired by the series are also available, catering to the student fanbase.

 Impact on Cast Careers

The success of “Kota Factory” has had a significant impact on the careers of its cast members. Mayur More has received widespread recognition and several new acting opportunities. Jitendra Kumar’s portrayal of Jeetu Bhaiya has cemented his status as a versatile actor, leading to more prominent roles.

Behind the Scenes Stories

There are many interesting behind-the-scenes stories from the set of “Kota Factory.” The cast shares a strong bond, often spending time together off-set, which translates into their on-screen chemistry. Filming in real locations in Kota posed challenges, but it added to the authenticity of the series.


“Kota Factory” is more than just a web series; it is a cultural phenomenon that has touched the hearts of millions. With its realistic portrayal of student life, compelling characters, and insightful commentary on the education system, it continues to inspire and entertain. As fans eagerly await the third season, the series’ legacy as a significant piece of storytelling in the digital age remains strong. For those yet to experience it, “Kota Factory” is available for streaming on Netflix, promising an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience.


When will Kota Factory Season 3 be released?

The exact release date has not been announced, but it is expected to premiere later this year on Netflix.

Who are the new cast members in Season 3?

New additions include Harish Chhabra and Shweta Tripathi, who join the existing cast to bring fresh dynamics to the story.

Where can I watch previous seasons of Kota Factory?

Previous seasons of “Kota Factory” are available on Netflix, which you can stream with a subscription to the platform.

Is Kota Factory based on a true story?

While the series is not based on a specific true story, it accurately reflects the experiences of many students in Kota, making it relatable and authentic.

Who directs Kota Factory?

Raghav Subbu directs “Kota Factory,” and his direction is praised for bringing out the realism and emotional depth of the series.

What is the central theme of Kota Factory?

The central theme revolves around the pressures and challenges faced by students preparing for competitive exams in Kota, highlighting ambition, perseverance, and the importance of mentorship.

Will all the main characters return in Season 3?

Yes, most of the main characters, including Vaibhav, Jeetu Bhaiya, Meena, Uday, and Vartika, will return, ensuring the continuity of their stories.

What is the runtime of each episode?

Each episode of “Kota Factory” typically runs for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Are there any other notable guest appearances in Season 3?

While specific details about guest appearances are yet to be revealed, the inclusion of actors like Shweta Tripathi suggests that there will be significant cameos.

How has the audience received the previous seasons?

The previous seasons of “Kota Factory” have been highly acclaimed, with audiences praising its realism, performances, and direction.

What makes “Kota Factory” unique?

Its unique black-and-white cinematography, authentic portrayal of student life, and compelling storytelling set “Kota Factory” apart from other web series.

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