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internet data prices in India
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The internet revolution has come a long way. It has become a major part of everyone’s life in everyday communication. This results in taking down the internet data prices in India and many other countries. 

The best thing about the internet is you can keep up with the latest news from anywhere, just like you are reading this one. In short, everything we do from buying to selling, messaging to video calls, is only possible through the internet. 

Which Country Has Cheapest Data Prices?

According to the British Price Comparison, the data prices show a downfall graph in North Africa Countries. On the other hand, Equatorial Guinea is the most expensive in terms of average data prices. It is worth noting that the data prices are evaluated based on the average price of 1 Gigabyte (1 GB) of mobile data in a country. To clarify, to buy 1 GB of data, you need to spend INR 3725 or $49.67 in Equatorial Guinea.

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Other countries which offer 1 GB mobile data at a expensive prices after Equatorial Guinea are: 

  • Falkland Islands – $44.56
  • Saint Helena- $39.87
  • São Tomé and Príncipe- $30.97
  • Malawi- $25.46

Further, countries that provide the cheapest mobile data include:

  • Israel- $0.05
  • Kyrgyzstan- $0.15
  • Fiji- $0.19
  • Italy- $0.27
  • Sudan- $0.27

Internet Data Prices In India

Average internet Data Prices in India for 1 GB of mobile data is INR 51 or 0.68 USD. Whereas the cheapest price for 1 GB of data in India is 0.05 USD and the most expensive one is 2.73 USD. Moreover, it ranks 28 out of 230 countries and the total plans measured in creating average are 58. However, in India’s neighboring countries like Pakistan data is at Rs 45/ GB, China at 39/GB, Srilanka at 29/GB, and Bangladesh at 26/GB. 

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