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JNU Hostel Incident: At the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) hostel, the ceiling of the hostel room collapsed for the second time. This indicates the worse condition of the university infrastructure.

The incident of falling the ceiling down on the study table happened in the Godavari hostel. Further, the good news is that students living in the room didn’t get injured. Though, he had suffered from the huge loss of a laptop. 

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Roof collapsing damaged the resident’s laptop 

The resident of the same hostel also the president of the Democrat, Swati Singh said, “Room ceiling that fell off in the Godavari Hostel in JNU doesn’t lead to any serious injury to anyone. But, the laptop got destroyed. The room resident was sleeping in the nearby room when the roof collapsed.”

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JNU Hostel Incident happens in April too

The same incident occurred in April 2022 in a different JNU hostel, Sabarmati. That time, the resident got seriously injured. The bathroom ceiling fell off on the resident. Subsequently, many complaints were filed but no action or re-work on infrastructure was done. This shows the high irresponsibility of authorities. 

After this recent incident, now again the hostel residents are demanding the full renovation immediately. Moreover, one of the residents said, “We live in the Godavari Hostel states that the administration will be responsible if any mishap occurs to any student. 

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