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Jindal varsity launches 100 scholarships for graduating students

On May 19, Tuesday, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) announced the launch of 100 Graduate Research Immersion Programme (GRIP) Scholarships. GRIP Scholarships were announced to mentor and support the graduate students of 2020 in overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19 on their careers and future plans.

The GRIP scholarship program will encourage the 2020 graduating students of O.P. Jindal Global University to pursue a research immersion program shortly after their graduation.

The Scholarship program is designed by JGU in order to help the scholars to enhance their research capabilities and other skills, besides encouraging them to gain much-needed work experience.

The University said that the GRIP Scholarship ambition is a six-month program, which will start from September 1 of this year.

The University will select the scholars for the program through a competitive process from among the JGU students graduating in 2020.

The selected scholars will work nearly with an accomplished global staff of JGU and will be furnished with considerable and comprehensive institutional support from the university to further develop their abilities and skills.

The University said that during the program GRIP Scholars will support from one-on-one supervision, mentorship, and guidance from JGU”s reputed scholars in the disciplines of law, management, international relations, public policy, liberal arts and humanities, and journalism.

They will also be encouraged to take an active part in advancing JGU”s research programs through the university’s 55 research centers and three research and capacity building institutes.

The scholars will also be motivated to take an effective part in advancing JGU’s research programs through the university’s 55 research centers and three research and capacity building institutes.

O.P. Jindal Global University launches this new and transformative scholarship program in the hope of providing research opportunities for selected graduating students of JGU in 2020 to undertake an ingenious research immersion program at JGU.

C. Raj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University said in a statement that in the risky scenario of the academic world tussling with the COVID-19 crisis, it is difficult to predict the return of normalcy and the lifting of restraints.
The Graduate Research Immersion Programme (GRIP) Scholarships boost our graduates to secure continuity and density in the students learning, educational and career aspirations.
He said that the global pestilence has systemically affected every aspect of higher education and it is crucial for universities to rise up to the occasion to give a helping hand to their graduates.

O.P. Jindal Global University will give lodging and other advantages and privileges to the GRIP Scholars for the duration of the program, along with the scholarship in the form of the financial program.
The chosen GRIP Scholars will need to be on the university campus for the period of the program.

The ambition of the GRIP Scholarships is planned to deal with the challenges faced by our graduating students, facilitating them to steer the ongoing crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.



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