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On one hand, there is a tremendous rise in the cases of coronavirus but on the other, some educational institutions are planning to reopen their school from 15 June. While some are ready with their idea of reopening the school while some are discussing about it. In the month of June, it is estimated that the cases of coronavirus will be at its peak.

As the nation is under lockdown since the end of March, all the offices, multinational companies, and educational institutions have been shut down temporarily. Reopening schools in such cases is not safe and it is important to maintain social distancing. The Centre is also mulling over the proposal of reopening school in the month of July.

During the discussion, it was always asked by the members whether such a risky move is warranted in such a pandemic situation. While some school is against this decision of reopening school and none considering it as “essential commodity or service” and some school is saying that there is an immense need to reopen the school with all the necessary precautions.

But, is it really safe to reopened all the school?

Will the schools follow the safety measures and all the norms of social distancing?

Why is it necessary to endanger the lives of so many students and teachers?

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Schools are repeated in Germany and Denmark. In Asia, students are back to their school in China, Vietnam, and South Korea. Schools were reopened in Japan in the month of April. The United Kingdom is planning to reopen the school in the month of June.



Some schools in India are planning to reopen their school in the mid of June while some are thinking to reopen at the beginning of July. Maharashtra is the most affected area of coronavirus. Its education minister Varsha Gaikwad is said to be keen on reopening of school in the month of June because of the absence of digital literacy and internet connectivity in rural areas.

As there was only one case of coronavirus in Sikkim in the month of January, it’s education minister is Manning to reopen the school for the students of class 9 to 12. As reported by the National Council of Education, Research and Training, some schools are planning to opt off even formula which will all the presence of 50 percent students alternatively.


Some social distancing measures that would be adopted by the school is:

• Conducting temperature check
• Keeping windows open
• Keeping desks 6 feet apart
• Resuming classes for the students of a certain age group
• Plastic table-top desk partition
• Proper disinfection
• Strict hygiene
• No morning assembly
• No sports
• Wearing of masks

But the question is will these measures will sufficient for building confidence in parents to leave their wards in school? It is obviously not suitable for young age students to follow this measure. In fact, they do even know the meaning and importance of all these norms. This rule could be applied for higher class students but it is still not suitable for younger students to go to school.


Many high educational institutions in India are planning to reopen their institutions in the month of August or September. While in some universities, the date sheet has been circulated for the end of June. How is it safe to open up? Institutions without opting for any safety measures like sanitizing academic buildings, hostels, and cleaning toilets? Some staff are even removing their masks while reaching their workplace while others are just casual about safety norms. Can there be more strict measures to be framed by the central and state government and adequate measures to monitor whether they are being followed?


There should be proper training of teachers through webinars so that they can know the details of online means of teaching and it should be mandatory in each state. The state government in rural areas should provide high-speed internet and laptops to all students instead of forcing them to come from the village to attend classes in different cities. Some parents are complaining that their children do not have a habit to sit at some particular place in front of a laptop or any other gadget to attend class. Regular classes should be recorded and uploaded on the website so that they can download it and watch it as per their convenience. State should think twice before reopening schools.




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