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Maharaja Agrasen College conducted its first even internship fair -INTERNMELA 2017 with the event hosted by the recently floated internship cell of the college -MACINTERNS. The event was hosted on 5th of April, there were over 15 companies invited with the students overwhelmingly responding to the companies call by coming out in huge numbers. There were over 250 interviews conducted by the 15 companies. The likes of the companies included big names as SHAREKHAN and AIESEC and 5 NGO’s and other startups such as GLOCAR and INKPOT.

The event started at 10 AM with all the companies marking their prescence till around 11.The crowd was quite noticeable as the students were buzzing about the event long before it actually took place,which was quite understandable as this was one of its kind event taking place for the first time in the college.

This was also a first time experience for the MACINTERNS team of hosting such an event on this big. a scale and the team managed the event exceedingly well according to the faculty co-ordinatiors 

Dr.Deepa sharma and Mr.Kushagrah mishra.

The team would also like to show their gratitude for the principal Mr. Sunil Sondhi as without his support the event would not have been possible.

In the end we just wish MACINTERNS all the best for their future and they continue hosting events like these.

Submitted By- Macinterns


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