Instagram chronological feed

Instagram chronological feed is once again accessible on Instagram. The company initially switched to an algorithmically-ranked feed after more than five years. The app is bringing back the potential for users to see feed posts ruled by recency.

The app is rolling out the modification now to every user globally. After first announcing that new versions of the Instagram chronological feed were in the works this last December.

Greatly, the new Instagram chronological feed option is not on by default. All the users don’t have the option to get rid of the algorithm entirely. Rather, people can now shift between three varied versions of their feeds.

It includes the algorithmic home feed, it remains the default; the following feed, it orders accounts you follow in reverse chronological order; and favorites, it is a feed of around 50 favorited accounts.

You can move between the three feeds by dabbing on the fresh dropdown menu in the top left corner of the app.

Even though the chronological feed isn’t on by default, the fact that it’s coming back at all is a major alteration for an Instagram chronological feed. It has for years affirmed its opinion to switch to an algorithmic feed despite years of grievances as well as conspiracy theories about shadowbans.

As recently as last June, Instagram announced a lengthy blog post labeling its ranking algorithm works. In the blog post, Instagram’s top executive named Adam Mosseri wrote that at the time Instagram shifted away from a chronological feed in the year 2016.

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People were omitting 70% of all their posts in Feed, comprising almost half of posts from their close connections. But the algorithm has evolved into a sticky subject for Instagram. It is handling scrutiny for the impact it has on teens’ mental health as well.

The way that the app ranks as well as suggests content to youthful people. People who have gotten outsized attention from lawmakers, some of whom have proposed legislation to govern algorithms.

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Instagram has also gotten more aggressive in injecting suggested posts as well as Reels into users’ feeds in the last months. Like Facebook’s popularity starts to dip.

By rolling out new versions of its feed now, Instagram can both head off grievances about its new recommendations-filled method. Also, it can claim that it’s offering users a choice regarding whether or not they use its ranking algorithm.



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