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GRADUATION STUDENTS – Are we really living our college days the way we saw in movies or at least dream of? In reality, we are hustling between classes, photocopier for notes or coaching classes to get those marks. Where is the FUN?

Today everything is going digital. From reading newspapers to our college notes, we are now addicted to getting the things done within our comfort of sitting at home. Going to North Campus or Satyaniketan for tuition classes which really kills our whole day can now be avoided by getting all the classes on our smart phones. YES YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! – Here is how the fun begins.

Ink Pot Online is a one stop solution for DU and IP students to get online coaching through easy, animated video lessons, reference notes, sample papers etc. for all the major courses in the university. Let’s see some of the features of Inkpot.

  • Your Syllabus Coverage – learn important concepts and what’s relevant for your exams

  • Learn Anytime, Anywhere – no need to invest in hardware like tablets, pen drives etc. Their content can be downloaded on your existing devices.

  • Have a Doubt, Ask them – ask your doubts to your personal ‘Study Buddy’ through Chat Sessions.

  • Track your Performance – get them early, plan your progress. Check with their test series how ready are you for exams.

  • SPONSORSHIP for your FUN TIMES – At the time of check out, they offer you to select special deals at your favourite Cafes, Lounges and Restaurants near you.

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Let’s see what you are losing by taking offline coaching





–        Get up early

–        Invest in time to look good

–        Travelling

–        Ghar pe aake kiske pardke ka mann karta hai?


What is wastage of time?


Offline coaching costs nearly Rs.10k per semester + travelling charges.

Let’s not forget compulsory Momos you eat after classes.


Ink Pot Online on the other hand provides all the experience as affordable as INR 1299.



You have to wait at least a week for your class to clear your doubt. Also, there will be many other students with you asking their own doubt.

24×7 Doubt solving. You can enter your doubt on our online chat support which will be solved by our experienced faculty.


If you miss a class, there is hardly any chance you will get a backup of the class anytime soon.

At Ink Pot Online you can watch a video as many times as you want and at anytime you want.


At times offline coaching teachers delay from the date they had promised to complete the syllabus or at times coaching centre get into a fight with the faculty which affects you.

You can complete the syllabus in few hours only.

Too good to be true, well its actually true.  Let’s hear testimonials from some of their past students.

Student of St. Stephens

“I found the coaching for Micro and Macro in both semesters highly useful, as Pulki Mam emphasis was greatly laid on understanding of concepts and then focus was imposed on using these concepts to solve questions.”

Student of Lady Sri Ram (LSR)

“Inkpot is an amazing application. The decision of trusting this app and not going for tuition this time was scaring but fruitful. The matter uploaded is relevant and to the point. It is also described in a way that it is very easy to understand. For the people like me, who study at the last moment, inkpot is a life saviour.”

Student of Sri Venkateswara College

“Inkpot made up for all those missed classes and helped me a lot with last minute preparation, and worked like magic. All the concepts couldn’t have been made simpler. It was really helpful, saved a lot of time and the semester too!”

And MANY MORE!!!!!!

To know more about them –


Facebook – @inkpotonline

Instagram – @ink_pot_online

YouTube – @inkpotonline

Call – +91 9911680354


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