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In a country where Gay marriages are still considered a crime, porn is watched in the parliament but banned on the internet and while people are constantly reminded of how important it is to be different, when it comes to making a choice of career have to choose between being a doctor or an engineer, hypocrisy has it’s claws dug deep in our hearts and minds. Here are some ways how India continues to disappoint us:

1. Because corruption only applies to others, right?

Person A: “There’s so much corruption in India.” Also person A after breaking the red light: “Sir, please just take 100 bucks and let me go.” Also person A in government offices: “Sir, how can I make the process faster, a little bribery, maybe?”

2. 30 and unmarried? What’s wrong with her?

Stereotype Alert! Hearing that a woman is 30, fit, fine and unmarried, makes people immediately judge her and wonder what’s wrong with her.

3. Sexist lyrics? Well, it doesn’t matter at a party, right?

Rappers like Honey Singh, Raftaar, Mika Singh and many others are famous for their sexist and offensive lyrics and are quite condemned for the same. But the problem comes when the same people who bash these singers and their lyrics during the day, have absolutely no problem dancing to them in parties at night. Because, of course, everything is fair in love and parties, right?

4. University in Diversity is only for hashtags and Facebook statuses

We take no time to accuse a foreigner of being a racist if he abuses an Indian but what we do not notice is that we still continue to differentiate between North, East and South Indians.

5. Respecting Women? Oh we only do that for sculptures and idols.

Because we respect women only as goddesses, and sculptures, not the ones in human form. Oh yes, but we do worship cows, in case you were wondering.


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