On Friday, India left China, where these contagious diseases originated, behind in the number of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases.

Although, experts have stated that that the outbreak has not been as deadly here as in the neighboring country at the same stage of transmissions.

The count in India rose to 85,709 on Friday costing 2,680 lives and China has reported 82,933 Covid-19 cases, 4,633 of whom succumbed to this disease. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Delhi only together account for a major part as two-thirds of India’s cases.


latest figures by Union health ministry

India’s fatality rate – 3.23%,

global death rate – 6.92%,

recovery rate – 34.06%,

As per experts the national lockdown which was imposed in India on March 25 has been much effective to slow the spread. The step of easing the restrictions necessitated due to sluggish economic indicators and to curb the slowdown in economic growth might result in the rise of no. of Corona affected cases.


A 76 days lockdown was imposed by China, in Wuhan, which is believed to be the epicenter of the outbreak of this deadly virus. Since no death cases were reported in official figures there over the last 30 days, this move of lockdown was proved effective.

India might have left China behind in the No. of cases but the fatality rate is still lower in India and with an increase in recovery rate.

India’s recovery rate has improved from 32.83% to 33.6% on Wednesday.

“If the performance of hospitals is being compared, case fatality rate matters, but to assess an epidemic, state of the epidemic is being assessed, deaths per million is the statistic that tells us whether a district or state is in a safer zone than another,” said Reddy.

Most of our states are have moved to a staggering lifting of the lockdown to avoid stagnancy in the Economy and progress in the next few weeks will depend on the lesson learned and applied so far.

India is now ranked in the top 11 countries crossing China in the list of countries that have the highest number of cases in the world and this major blow comes amidst the plans to reopen the public transportation.

Identification of hotspots and clusters and then building a capacity of systems and responders to find, isolate, and care for cases is recommended by WHO.


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