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On Friday evening, Manoj came to meet Komal who was staying at her parent’s house. The man promised her a surprise and took his wife to Bonta Park. For a while, they chatted, after that he asked her to turn around, and then he strangled her with a clutch wire and choked her to death.

22 year old Komal and 24 year old Manoj got married in July 2015, but the couple developed differences after six months, and had frequent fights. Komal got frustrated and moved back to her parent’s home in West Delhi.

Manoj runs an electronic good shop, whereas Komal worked at a restaurant before marriage. Komal and Manoj met at a Gurgaon bar, where she worked. They fell in love and got married in July 2015. Besides their differences, Manoj suspect an extra martial affair of her wife.

After killing his wife, he returned to Kanjhawala and sat for drinks with his friends. After got drunk, he started telling them about how he taught his wife a lesson. His friend reportedly told police about the incident. His drunk self got him caught. Around midnight police detained Manoj and questioned him.

“During questioning, Kumar confessed that he intentionally bought a clutch wire to kill her wife and then he left her body at Bonta Park. He said he was very insecure and could not tolerate her engaging in conversations with any other man. When we asked about where he dumped the body, he said on a bench.” a police officer said. The search of the body started.

He was too drunk, because of which he was so vague. He did not even know which entrance he took to enter the park.

It took almost 12 hours to find the exact spot, by the personnel from two different police stations. On Saturday, they recovered the body.

Manoj had planned to leave the city after killing his wife. But his drunk self got him caught. A case of murder filed against him and Komal’ body has been sent for autopsy.

– By Prachi Agarwal


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