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Source: Hindustan Times

On Wednesday, Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh said that the nation may not get the desired results if the implementation of NEP 2020 is not done properly. Moreover, he refuses to support any kind of policies that risk the country’s development. 

Furthermore, he urged that as India’s citizens, one should not do any such thing that results in damaging the country’s growth. Even he addressed a seminar ‘Vishwa Guru Bharat: Exploring the Glorious Past, Promising Present, and the Future Roadmap.’ It was organized by the Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the ‘Shodh’ NGO.

The University VC said that National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has come with good features. In case, if we don’t implement it right, we will not get the desired results. So, students, educational institutions, we all should play our role towards its proper implementation.”

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When will be the Implementation of NEP 2020 in Delhi University?

The University of Delhi will do the implementation of NEP 2020 from the academic session 2022-23. However, several teachers criticized its execution. He advised looking at the new policy from all aspects. And, urged institutes and teachers to work in nurturing students for nation-building. 

He said, “The policy is not about a particular course or programs; discipline; the number of credits; the workload of teachers. Because we were producing good doctors and engineers before the NEP too. We were delivering degrees before it too. But it’s a need to strengthen the nation.”

In addition, he said, “We desire to boost the nation’s growth by 10% in the coming 10 years. And, I know we will be a developed country shortly. Though, the danger will increase as we become a developed country.”


Further, he emphasized the role of technology in providing strength to the nation’s security. As a nation can’t afford to compromise on its country’s borders. 

He stated, “India always had a technological bent. So, now we require the best of technology. And, we must produce it here, though if we are not able to do it. Then we should collaborate and if then also we aren’t able to do it. Then we should buy it, beg, borrow or steal but we need technology at any cost. “




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