IIT Bombay 60th Convocation
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The Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Bombay, is now planning to take an initiative on a new course. The institute wants to introduce a mandatory course on caste awareness. IIT Bombay has a separate SC/ST Cell. So, this initiative is directly taken by the cell.

The basic motivation behind this course is based on a belief that sensitization is a way toward inclusivity. Students from the SC/ST Cell of IIT Bombay conducted some surveys. The surveys aimed that find the difficulties that students faced due to caste division.

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Events at IIT Bombay

According to the survey, the cell understood that IIT has to conduct more sensitization events. So, they must have a mandatory course on caste and racial discrimination.

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Gender Sensitization course at IIT Bombay

The institute launched a gender sensitization course last year. Now, it will hold the racial discrimination course lined with it.

The convenor of the cell is Professor Bharat Adsul. Moreover, Professor Madhu N Belur is the c- convener of the SC/ST cell.

SC/ST Cell statement on the course

IIT Bombay SC/ST Cell released a statement. It said that the institute observed the need for more sensitization events. Those events would enhance inclusivity and reduce complaints.

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Moreover, the institute held an open house for the first time. There, it discussed the difficulties faced based on caste. Around 100 students were a part of the discussion. They said that different people experience different discrimination. Some even receive taunts about the reservation criteria.

Mentorship Programme at IITB

So, the cell of IITB has also launched a mentorship program. In the program senior students would interact with the junior students or reserved seats. They will create an environment free of caste and racial discrimination on campus.



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