IIT Bombay organising Asia’s Largest College Cultural Fest ‘Mood Indigo’ | Know Details

Mood Indigo
Source: Bombay Live

Mood Indigo, colloquially known as MoodI is Asia’s largest college cultural festival which attracts a footfall of more than 1,46,000 students across 4000+ colleges all over India. MoodI is the signature cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, spanning more than 240 events over 4 days. This December marks the 52nd edition of MI and will be taking place from 27-30th December in a full-fledged offline manner.

MoodI caters to students from over 4000 colleges across the country through magnificent competitions and provides exposure to an unending list of international artists.

This year’s Concerts feature Vishal Sheykhar as the Popular Nite Headliners and American Authors as the International Nite Headliners. Moreover, the band is going to bring prodigious amounts of energy and gaiety with their stupendous hits like “I’m Born To Run”, and of course the anthemic hit single which gave us all goosebumps -“Best Day Of My Life..”.

The opening performance as by Antariksh. The band is a premier Hindi-Rock band committed to creating fresh, innovative songs and presenting them in a thematic and powerful manner.

The Humor Fest Headliners include comedy sensations such as Samay Raina and Anubhav Singh Bassi. Afterall, their delivery, personality, anecdotal content, and apt punch lines are sure to make everyone laugh their hearts out!

Further, competitions at Mood Indigo have been the stage for college contingents from across the country. Competitions cover all the genres of art: Dramatics, lifestyle, literary arts, speaking arts, fine arts, visual arts, music, dance, and journalism.

The basic ideology behind conducting MoodI is to unite people from all over the globe, providing opportunities to enthusiasts, and making these 4 days the best days of the year for the entire audience. It is not just a fest but an emotion, an expression of liveliness. MI is a platform for celebrating the art form and a stage for igniting a fire inside one’s heart.

The best part about Mood Indigo is that it is completely free for all college students! To learn more about this year’s Mood Indigo, log on to my.moodi.org



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