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Yourshell is the new popular name in the town. The government’s Startup India Initiative benefits young entrepreneurs to build an accommodation business for Delhi University students. It’s a leading venture. It officially announced that it been acquired by India’s largest accommodation company, Stanza Living. The companies have been negotiating for a year now and now the deal is made public. Under the Startup India program, it’s the youngest business to successfully raise venture debt. The emerging business was profitable because, at the time of the deal, it had 18 properties registered in its name.

The idea behind the startup was to provide better services, easy booking, serviced rooms, and affordable rental accommodation to North Campus students of Delhi University. It covers the coveted area of the North campus and initially had 145 beds. It was launched in 2017. Now, it expanded to 600 beds to 18 properties.

Shaifali Jain, Co-founder of YourShell said that they have admired and looked forward to the Stanza Living as a great example. They appreciate the expertise and management of the company and are influenced by their journey. When Stanza Living invited offers for strategic acquisitions, YouShell considered it reasonable to pass on the handle to the much-experienced company. Shaifali got her business instincts from her father Mr. Bhushan Kumar Jain. He is also a businessman.

The USP of the organization builds a strong connection with the student community. They offer quality residence but is also famous for excellent services. They handle student issues with utmost priority and an efficient support system. Value-added features like a library, career counseling sessions, internship offer, and gaming zone make it a paradise of accommodation. The company is known and complimented on its high-quality services.


On talking to Sunny Garg, Co-founder, and CEO OF YourShell, he expressed his concern about the issues with housing facilities in Delhi. He has one hand experience with it. YourShell solves these issues by a revolutionary idea of providing the best experience to the students. Over the years, it was successful in creating a strong brand image. In his words, they made a “hyper-growth business”. He mentions that they are looking for another revolutionary idea.

Shaifali and Sunny will come together to launch another company and wish to create a unicorn.

Sunny Garg is a dropout from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. Even today he prefers entrepreneurship over his MBA degree.


There is an increase in the investment in the professional student housing segment. More and more real estate partners and investors are attracted to it. However, there is a good chance of local operators taking the charge. The uncertainty of the pandemic didn’t lower the confidence of the industry. With the phase-wise opening of the educational institutions, the growth prospects return as people demand safe and affordable residences. With no compromise on the quality of living options.

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Talking about the Stanza Living, it offers quality rental spaces to everyone including students and professionals. They have a huge turnover, covering 14 cities and more than 55,000 beds. It’s operated by a professional team and offers a wide array of facilities. It ensures a world-class living experience.



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